Bacardi Whistler Experience 1998-2001

Where to begin....Hmmmmmm?  This project was Crazy Fun!  The only regret was turning down the "Bombay Saphire", brand manager position from the president of Bacardi at the time. To this day I am very loyal to Bacardi. My favorite drink is a Bombay Saphire Gin Martini straight up & a lil'dirty!

I can't say enough about the amazing promo team we created.  Our main Bandita and Bandito's were Christina, Rosie, April, Cora, Dionne, Tara, Julian, Colin & NANCY!

OMG we rocked Whister: Buffalo Bills, Merlins, Longhorn, Cinnamon Bear-Delta, Alpenrock, The Chateau, La Bocca, La Brassiere, Maxx Fish, Dusty's & the Garibaldi Lift Company just to name a few. Some of our most memorable moments were during Gay Pride Week & après time on the patio.

Aerial Promotions contracted to The Mohan Group Ad Agency in Toronto, while living in Whistler.  AP ran the Bacardi Whistler Experience promotion for 3 years and initiated the following: Staff meeting educate & brief, Sampling opportunity, Waitstaff incentives, Customer prizing, Positioning of posters-binwrap-tent cards-banners, Merhandise, Premiums, Product-ice-cups-waste disposal, DJ communication, Prize Distribution, Thank you follow up, Costume creation, Bag Pipe Player, Meet & Greet Patrons, Be a goodwill ambassador, Modify promotion to crowd and brand limiting brand cross over, Vehicle wrap, Staff branded wearables,  World Ski & Snowboard Festival Representative, Distribute-collect contest cards, Measure attendance-ballots-bottles sold, Many other detailed logistics of promotion...Oh and be the life of the party!  FYI AP took all the photographs, but I did have a team member snap a few of me enjoying my work...If you can call it that.  Yes I must say, I am enjoying myself in a few of them.

(A QUICK PLUG-At the time I was a certified ski instructor, but hardly saw the slopes.  Now I am a level II CSIA ski instructor I have a goal to photograph some extreme skiing.  If you're looking for a photographer, I strive to photograph & ski with the best)