I WON an Award Feature on ViewBug!

I am very excited to share that I just WON an award for my photograph "ICU" on ViewBug.

I submitted the image in the Peephole Photo contest so please Vote May 21-28 on ViewBug, facebook & twitter.
He was joking and having fun while I tested new lighting equipment.  I needed a subject to photograph and pleaded with my husband to assist. Uncooperative, he gave me eyes rolling, attitude and this creepy admitting image that I am thankful for. 

All joking aside, I am a sports photographer who wants to challenge myself as an artist. I am working, experimenting and learning everyday. My commitment to photography builds a desire to expand my portfolio.

In this particular image the sync was not working and half the frame was black…but the eyes were in focus!  I was drawn into the crossed eyes, confused at which one to look at first (heterochromia). He was peering into my lens and I wanted to refract the image back in an uncomfortable disillusioned manner.

Thank YOU to Jimmy, Ori and the entire ViewBug team for creating such an inspirational site.

I am really grateful for all the support and comments on my images from ViewBug members.

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!  Whoooo hooooo! Keep your fingers crossed! Please Remember to Vote.

ViewBug Portfolio: http://www.viewbug.com/member/Presentitphoto