GW Thompson Jeweller & Pawnbroker Inc. CID

Scope of Work-Client Brief: The Thompson's have been operating in Hamilton for over 40 years. It is a family pawnbroker & jewelry business. GWT are the father’s initials and TAG are the son’s initials. The three balls are the universal symbol for pawnbrokers. GW Thompson Jeweller & Pawnbroker Inc. CID Development GW Thompson Jeweller and Pawnbroker   SYNOPSIS: Pawnbroking has become very popular in recent years and is a very commercial concept. AP started with some background research about the industry and fascinated by the historical & religious significance of pawning.  Because of the traditional value and family structure to GW Thompson Jeweller & Pawnbroker Inc., AP created three initial concepts based on the following criteria: -The operating company name was too long and needed to be shortened. The family name is a brand in itself and known to its customers as “Thompson's”. -Second generation now operates the company with the intention of third generation to take over in future years. -The universal pawnbroker symbol may be used by official vendors only, but is abused in some cases. This causes reputation to be questioned in the industry. Thompson's is a valuable contributor to its community and is an upscale pawnbroker & jeweler, therefore; the new logo needed to be distinguished and classy. -The Hamilton downtown location has been recognized for over 40 years. They have a red awning with yellow lettering above the storefront. Steeltown is known for its local support and black and yellow Tiger Cats colors. -AP design notes from brainstorm dynamic content session for brand connection
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