Part 1-Reflecting Google+ for Photographers

Reflecting on my personal experience at the +Google+ Photographers Conference in San Francisco, California May 21-23, 2012 [View Part 2]

I liked the last minute NAPP exclusivity to be a part of a history-making event. The fact is companies may find it difficult to budget and plan for an event on such short notice. At the time, little did I know Mr. Google himself; +Surgey Brin would share ground breaking announcements. The all-star line up seemed to grow more elite each day. Most of all the attendees were warm and welcoming.

People came from all around the world.  I met the hobbyist, extreme techies and many professional photographers.  MY main objective for attending the conference was to gain more insight about social media workflow for my photographs.

Google+ is very new to me and confusing. I found that many other people had the same frustration. Because the conference timing was quick, the learning curve was drastic. Thanks to +Guy Kawasaki’s Ebook, I was able to prep a bit more. Terms like API’s and other foreign technical aspects keep Google+ in it’s own world. It becomes difficult to interact with other conventional social media.

What I was hoping to gain is insight about how to integrate Google+ into my already established workflow.  In January, I attended the first ever DX3 Social Media Conference in Canada. I learned to personalize and connect with our audience and to build relationships. We don’t need to be as mechanical as the “colded” process. Individually we should develop our own experience to engage and make it real. Great Job Google+ PC on accomplishing a face to face approach at this social marketing event.

I have chosen to embrace social media to expand my work environment. My system is like that song, “Dem Bones”, leg bone connected to the knee bones…. Let me break it down for you: WordPress-create & post to my blog Pinterest-pinit image with content and link to my post (Twitter-Tweets the Pin | Facebook-Posts on personal wall and Business Fan Page | Linkedin-Announces the post on my profile)

I then use Youtube to put together some video of my images, ViewBug & 500pixels to show portfolio work. Meeting the SmugMug people at the conference will get me moving in their direction…they were so NICE!  Note: Thanks for letting me use your power bar-The venue officers were not so nice!

In order to take advantage of the large image power in Google+, I create my post separately. However +Matt Kosklowski, +Brian Matiash and +Jim Goldstein were kind enough to answer my question about how to integrate Google+ into my workflow with a plugin tip "googleplusblog". (Note: Any other tips will sure help...THX)

I need to say, there were so many OUTSTANDING professionals that I want to talk to, but am grateful for those who had time and DID…THANK YOU! (More to come about +Catherine Hall photowalk (Ryan), +Scott Kelby Portfolio Review, +Peter Hurley Portfolio Review. I am disappointed that I couldn’t personally meet +Trey Ratcliff or +RC Concepcion. It wasn’t from lack of trying and they were adored by all…perhaps next year?)

In the meantime, “Engagement” was the buzzword at the conference and let me tell you from personal experience…IT WORKS!  My next post will be all about my portfolio review experience. How social media engagement helped me take a brutal knockout punch. To get back up, keep standing and understand to be a better photographer you need to subject yourself to professional judgment.

Catherine Hall Photo Walk

Google+ Albums

2 thoughts on “Part 1-Reflecting Google+ for Photographers

  1. Robin

    You have a broad range of talent what do you like the best? The image on this post is great you captured the moment very well in an interesting way.

    Me I am a chartered accountant trying to get it out of my system. I am taking a course at George Brown College – some good courses some not so good. I am having fun in my “retirement” – another 60+ birthday this month LOL.

    Glad to be your neighbour.


    • Hi Darla!

      Wow, turning 50 all over again…LOVE it! It’s really nice to hear from you. I love the shot of you and I in SanFran, “Canon and Nikon working together” by Arturo Ganem of Mexico. I hope to hook up on Google+ with you too. I just finished an article about my experience Part 2. Check it out if you have a chance. Thank you very much for the comments. I love what I do and like a little spice of everything in my life. I enjoy photography the most, but so many other things pay the bills…as you know Ms. CMA. I love to hear you are having fun in your retirement and I’m really happy to have met another fellow photographer in the neighborhood.

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