What Inspires Me as a Photographer!


Prior to Photoshop World (PSW) I was preparing the kids for school, organizing work schedules and household for my departure.  All this takes a collaborative effort and cooperation of many people to advance my career in photography. If anything, I have done a lot of self-reflection about what kind of photographer I have become.

I am proud to say that I have been to four PSW’s and a G+ Conference by Kelby Media Group. The passion and commitment that is demonstrated by the organizers, moderators and instructors is praiseworthy.

As an attendee I am always moved when appreciation is acknowledged to individuals and collective team efforts are recognized.  The admiration for Scott & Kalebra Kelby is heartfelt in the closing remarks from RC Concepcion, Frank Doorhof,  Moose Peterson and Dave Black.    

This PSW was the most inspiring for me yet because I was faced with questions that were very deep. At the time I only had superficial answers.  I seemed to just blank out with meaningless chatter, but going through the process brought be somewhere real and inspiring.

Adobe was connecting with photographers who use their products. At the time I thought I was going to show them pieces of my work and explain how I used photoshop. Little did I know when I walked into the interview room would there be a full on production crew…Hair-Makeup-Sound-Lights-Camera-ACTION!

OMG I was a deer in headlights! I’m in Vegas right! Have not slept in 72 hrs and just buzzing with information overload from the amazing classes, events and reviews from PSW.

The crew was so wonderful, but I didn’t want to bring my personal feelings on camera and be emotional. After listening to countless stories of how life touches us, it is ok to feel and be vulnerable. This is where passion comes from within. Snapping a photo on the side "just because" may mean more than you think.

Sydney Wood Before I left for PSW a little girl who touched many lives in our community passed away at a soccer tournament in West Virginia. Sydney Wood was an exceptional young lady and athlete who I had the honor to photograph in Soccer and Basketball. To help ease the pain, I compiled photographs over the last few years to love and honor Sydney and posted to YouTube. I offered the photographs to help ease the pain and download for comfort.

[My Post | Hamilton Spectator | Trust Fund

I was overwhelmed how the community embraced the photographs to help heal and honor Sydney in her most spirited light. Most of all I was blessed to have the ability to help, when so many were in need.

I’m on a journey and I’m seeking beauty in life. It may be gone tomorrow, but life is picturesque. It may be captured in a moment and experienced for a lifetime. This is what inspires me!

Photoshop World 2012: My Vegas Photographs

More Images Coming! 

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