I Can’t Believe I WON the Westcott Shootout!

Wow! What a proactive approach this Westcott Shootout experience is. It allowed me to observe how to light the scene/model, application of movie quality hair/makeup and to conceptualize by being a part of the shoot. It is nice to see how other peer photographer’s work. The mini seminars by featured Pro’s are a huge bonus! I am more inspired than ever. Because of the applicable learning approach Westcott provided me at Photoshop World Las Vegas 2012, I believe winning the contest will not only encourage me to be more creative in my post process, but to allow me to experiment with more creative lighting options. The prize is the launch I needed to motivate me to establish my studio. Recognition from Westcott is humbling and reassures my career path is supported. The Westcott Shootout has incited a spark that makes me believe in my creative freedom. I plan to do some great on location work with the mobile ability of these spiderlites. Visit: www.fjwestcott.com

MonsterPull_post All photos by Robin Leworthy Wilson using Westcott products - Makeup: Shelley Giard Frankenstein Monster: Rayce Bird Frank Ippolito Ian Von Cromer Models All models were hired through Model Experts in Las Vegas, NV. Day 1: Boudoir - Samantha Lady Bird Johnson - Casi Fashion Stage - Anna Day 2: Frankenstein Bride - Andrea Candy Girl - Melanie Fashion Stage - Lindsay Frankenstein - Thomas Willeford Doctor - Russell Brown Fritz - Daniel Presedo Day 3: Magic Mike - David Fashion Avant Garde - Kelly Fashion Stage - Catherine http://fjwestcott.com/photo-lighting-blog/contest/contest-update-photoshop-world-fall-2012-shootout-contest-winners My Photoshop World Las Vegas 2012 Westcott Shootout Submissions: Crazy Birdman of Alcatraz-Photo by Robin Leworthy Wilson using Westcott products MonsterBreath_post CrazyBirdman_post __________________________________________________________________________________ Frankenlady-Photo by Robin Leworthy Wilson using Westcott products Westcott_Shootout-Frankenlady Frankenlady_post _________________________________________________________________________________ Monster Breath-Photo by Robin Leworthy Wilson using Westcott products Monster Breath MonsterBreath_post _________________________________________________________________________________ Monster Glare-Photo by Robin Leworthy Wilson using Westcott products Westcott_Shootout-Monster Glare   Please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and comment on our photographs/design on our blog. Our number one place to post is on Google Plus  GOOGLE+ We always update on {tumbr blog | Flickr photostream | YouTube channel} too! _________________________________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD IMAGES* *Read AP Terms & Conditions Before Download…click here *Read AP Photographic Licensing Before Download…click here © Aerial Promotions 1997-2012  |  Photo Credit: Robin Leworthy Wilson _________________________________________________________________________________________ WHY?...Because We Care! It is part of AP mission to give back to sport & the developing athletes as a volunteer in the local community
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