Sport Filled Weekend!

Between my own children's activities and sports shooting, it was a very busy weekend! I was at the rink with my lil'guy Friday Night for some DMHA hockey and a little more with the Senior AAA Dundas Real McCoys who literally lay a beating on the Orillia team.

Real McCoy Hockey

Saturday was the Awesome HWMFA Ticats Football Camp. I will admit I am in withdrawal from shooting football, but it was really nice to watch the pros teach the kids fundamentals.  I picked up on a few tricks to understand and anticipate the game more....Not to mention the big smile on my lil'guys face-Fun-Fun-Fun! Soccer and Basketball for my other lil'gal! Off to shoot some Mac Sports.

McMaster Volleyball

One of my beautiful girlfriends from Whistler passed away this December of Breast Cancer. I dedicate Saturday night to Lalaine while I shot "Think Pink" Volleyball at McMaster University. It made be want reminisce and remember a card she made for me before I came back to Ontario.  As you can see she was beautiful on the inside and out....I miss her!

Breast Cancer

Sunday was a competitive day for my children as we revised a plan to get one to an OBA Provincial Basketball Tryout and the other to a Select hockey game in Brantford. Divide and conquer!

Full Sport Stories and Photos Coming Soon! Volleyball_MacPink-68