Jr. Real McCoy’s Hockey Poster

Hockey Poster | Dundas Jr. Real McCoy's | Select Atom Division

The surprise is out and it was a huge success! Both the kids, parents and coaches love the poster. I was able to present them on a Fuji Pearl paper that boasts a three-dimensional image because of the ultra-bright background and pearlescent film and laminate finish. The poster was mounted on a 2mm styrene with a lustre coating and an archival value of 100-200 years.

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My favorite part about photographing the team was the shower stall photo shoot.  The boys got a kick out of the that when they giggled and said "These are the bathroom photos?". Who knew?....These kids rocked it with their sweaty after game look. It's amazing the expressions a little role play with the kids in game mode can get you...even artistically! Brady650 The headshots were done with a Westcott Ice Light that is basically a portable daylight, Nikon SB800, Reflector and Nikon D3s Jonnah

Thank You to The Dundas Jr. Real McCoy's Atom Select Hockey Team, Coaches and Families for a Wonderful 2012-2013 Season!


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