Nostra Famiglia

When I was asked to do a photoshoot for four siblings who wanted to give their mom a going away gift, I had no idea how much fun I would have. Trying to get schedules to align is always an issue, but they all made it happen. Even the final output deadline was very tight. MPixPro who I use for my high end quality products leaped over the moon to get me my order on time. I wanted to try some new items to add  to my product line. I packaged the images and video on disc, pearlescent prints mounted on matt board presented in a custom memoir box and accordion book. When Mom received her gift on her departure to Italy the emotions were overwhelming. A heartfelt thank you means the world to any photographer. Working with great people makes the experience memorable to me! Thank YOU-Darcy, Veronica, Cassidy, Lexy and Remy!

The Custom Memoir Box: Present prints in a professional, polished way. A Custom Image Box is great for proofs or as a modern alternative to the traditional album. Product Highlights: Available in 4x6" and 5x7", Can hold 50, 100, 200, 400 or 800 prints, Prints are sold separately, Handmade and wrapped in textured satin, Printed with custom design or image, Option - For a small fee add an image to the book's inside flap, CD holder option available on 5x7" boxes

products_650 The Accordion Book: A playful alternative to the traditional book, Accordion Books display multiple images so you can show off more than just one favorite. Perfect to carry around even in your purse. Product Highlights: 4×8", 7 customizable panels, Available on Classic Felt, Premium Cotton, Premium Bamboo, 100% Recycled, Pearl, and Linen press papers, Custom photo cover featuring a satin finish, Concealed magnet for soft closure, Option – For a small fee add an image to the book's inside flap, Available with frosted slip cover, Creased binding for a professional finish


"Robin, It was so great working with you on this project that was so close to the heart of our family. You captured so much of everyone's personality and you made the shoot so much fun, the girls just loved the whole experience. The customized albums you suggested were stunning and when you added your beautiful photos and finishing touches they literally took Nad's breath away. Your creativity, attention to detail and love of your work shines through the albums, making them  stunning to view and priceless to my family. Your personality and energy made this an unforgettable experience for us all and made it almost impossible for us to keep this secret. It was a fantastic experience and I can't thank you enough for the whole experience. Thank you so much, you made this so much fun and a totally wonderful experience. Darc" 

"Thanks so much Robin for doing this, I would be lying if I said I didn't cry a little when looking at all the pictures and moms reaction! The photoshoot was fantastic, and that says a lot coming from someone who hates being photographed! You managed to make it fun till the final snap three hours later. Who would have thought the four of us in the same picture could look so great, at the same time? The final product was an unparalleled keepsake of timeless, beautiful memories. Thanks so much"


 Package Pricing Coming Soon! [photographic service fees start at $295.00]


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