That time of year again PSW Las Vegas 2013


Every year thousands of people come to Photoshop World to listen to international renowned speakers, learn from the best in the industry and keep up to date with the latest technology at the Expo. I'm proud to say, I was the PSW Las Vegas 2012 Westcott Shootout Winner. It's not hard to be creative when you have an opportunity to photograph monsters created by the hit show "FaceOff" (BTW-My New Favorite Show). Read Full Post "I Can’t Believe I WON the Westcott Shootout!" [Here]


My PSW portfolio review was with the famous Bert Monroy and truly inspirational. I never realized that my work would be considered as fine art and could be viewed in galleries as collections.  I always thought of myself a sports photographer and having "The Man" Scott Kelby review in San Francisco was a career highlight. Read Full Post [Here]  Sports Illustrated photographer Dave Black is my favorite speaker from last years conference. Dave is an exceptional sports photographer, but beyond that he is true to his values and is not afraid to be real. He is not fearful to be vulnerable and show his passion for photography. 


When not in class, I had so much fun hanging out with my photo buddies photographing Red Rock Canyon, some local basketball and good Ol'Downtown Vegas. Keeping my wallet close to me this year (;)Darren!) I even had time to do a photowalk with the boys from NY-Lens Baby. This year is sure to be bigger and better than the last...just like I strive with the next picture I take!


PSW last year became a pinnacle point in my photographic career. I feel that I have grown tremendously as a photographer. Portraiture is part of my steady workflow. I have had many actors and athletes who book work straight from my headshots (Thanks Peter Hurley) The encouragement from my mentors and investment of big glass brings my photography to an all new level. My sports photography has taken leaps and bounds. I'm toning my arms carrying around my dinosaur lens...I LOVE my 400! Sooooooo looking forward to meeting Brad Smith Director of Photography Sports Illustrated in NY!!! "How to edit your photos by Brad Smith" View [Here]

I ’m on a journey and I’m seeking beauty in life. It may be gone tomorrow, but life is picturesque. It may be captured in a moment and experienced for a lifetime. This is what inspires me! Read Full Post [Here]


Can't wait to see what models they will bring this year! Above: 2012 Westcott Shootout Las Vegas 1st Place Photo

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