What Can I learn Today?

Let’s get personal…Could I do better…Yes!  I may be my biggest critic, but I put myself out there everyday with fear of failure. I focus, I’m determined, but really I’m nervous. I think it’s just human nature to be scared of the unknown-worried to disappoint. How do you get better if you don’t take risks? Life lesson from my daughter today http://www.hamiltonscores.com/2013/10/16/no-camp-fire-sing-songs-basketball-hopeful-had-a-ball/


I recently put together my Sports & Industrial Accreditation for PPOC-Professional Photographers of Canada. It’s my first time applying and it is really hard to get your “Accreditation”-AND it should be, these are the best of the best photographers who are experts in their field. I wanted to show my versatility of sport shooting. In 1996, I bought my first professional camera body for the World Cup Lacrosse. It was film and compared to today’s standards, it’s hard to get a great digital copy. Because these were my first publications I felt it necessary to include them.

Oh what a learning week! I’m used to shooting a certain way, but I am always trying to streamline my workflow. I set myself apart from other photographers with my creative post process abilities. I love seeing something in an image and making art out of it, but that’s when you have time.  The Dundas Museum and Archives with Carnegie Gallery asked for submissions for “My Dundas”. Dyment’s Farm and The Peak are two of my most favorite places. I shot a panoramic of Dyment’s Farm for their 125th Celebration Cookbook. I had a hard time getting it printed and framed properly because of the irregular size, but I think the end result is fabulous. Again trying a new print process, I had “Train Below The Peak” printed on a 20x30 pearlescent paper. I’d say it certainly makes an impact.


I tested out the Nikon 300mm/f2.8 and D4 at the DMHA-Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Fundraiser.  Full image gallery coming soon! Still in love with my D3s, but salivating over the 300mm lens. OMG $$$$$-But so worth it!  I am very grateful to be a member of NPS, but forgot to look at time and date metadata on the D4. Argh, it was set for another country, so sorting images is a nightmare.  Oh not to mention ran out of space on my computer and accidentally deleted my Lr file 🙁


Brandon Taylor-Hamilton Bulldogs Team Photographer invited me to photograph the Home Opener at Copps Coliseum. It was such a privilege to work with Brandon. “You’re not afraid of heights?” he asks. To the catwalk we go and turn on the strobes. I have never used strobes in Copps Coliseum and wasn’t sure if my PocketWizard TT1 would sync. Did a few test shots with the fisheye above “Et Voila!”


So going back to the unknown. Brandon was kind enough to share his strobes. So we split the ice, therefore shooting half the game. I've never shot this way and was terrified of triggering his strobes or interfering with his photography. There were many moments that I wanted to poach on his end because I had a great shot…No worries, I was pretty timid. Using the 400mm at center ice has its advantages, especially with goalie shots and an angle above that you can't get on the boards at ice level.


OK remember I’m human and I don’t know the venue. So you know those paper media passes they give you, like the Golden Ticket to Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Mine fell off…Phew I eventually found it, but I could get into the media room without it. It didn’t help that I don’t know my way around the facility. Got the bugs worked out by the end of the night. I now know Copps Coliseum from the top of the catwalk to the basement parking lot. 


For the rest of the game I worked around ice hotspots, reflections, sticky fingers and smudges on the glass. Went back to the way I normally photograph-Fast and Furious. Got some great shots of the fans, had an awesome time and can’t wait to shoot again! Now for those who know me, I was supposed to photograph the Calder Cup last year with Scott Thomas-Syracuse Crunch Team Photographer. On my way down for game seven, but didn't get there because it ended in game 6...Arghhhhh! Hey just gonna put it out there...Team Photographer for Hire! Yup Right Here! 


Click To View Full Gallery:10-11-13 St. John IceCaps (2) vs Hamilton Bulldogs (3) Home Opener at Copps Coliseum Top Shots on G+ Album [Here]  First Hockey Game this Season wooohooo! Check out this Video-What Great Hockey Mentors! DMHA | October 3, 2013 | J.L. Grightmire Arena | Dundas, Ontario: The Hamilton Bulldogs assisted the fundraising efforts of the DMHA by playing a preseason game against the Utica Comets. The fundraising event was full of hockey action, fan fun and special prizes. More: http://aerialpromotions.ca/home/2013/10/04/bulldogs-shutout-comets-in-dundas/

Now I'm off to make fairy tales happen with a little princess called "Bella" and some more hockey up north.


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