Sometimes ya need to take a break and show off because you care. I'm very proud of my children! Login wanted to make his own costume from scratch for Halloween this year. He did his own makeup and Hamilton Tiger Cat Zombie outfit. I think it's fitting that now we see him haunting the old Ivor Wynne Stadium downtown Hamilton. A few weeks ago Aerial wrote this amazing descriptive paper on thunderstorms. Perfect for a rainy Halloween. Hopefully the rain will clear up for the little ones to do a little trick or treating tonight!


Thunder Storms by Aerial Wilson

The skies in a dark overcast of clouds. Every ray of light hidden from sight. You know what’s going to happen but the question is when? Without any sign, thunder rips through the sky. Sounding like a 100 horse stampede shaking the very ground beneath your feet. After a few moments it stops still as if holding in it’s breath. Waterfalls of rain start pouring down making the constant sound of PLUP! in the puddles. Memories flash back from when you were a kid, racing raindrops down your window as they slither down the glass before you. Soon you become so used to the sound of booming recklessness of thunder and rain filling the silence. Then a long white rod curving and crackling with electricity shoots across the sky, disappears in the distance with a loud deafening CRASH! The ceiling above ignites with colors dancing of purple, pinks, yellow and blues. The unknown darkness clashes as if fighting sword on sword and flashes in and out of light defining unusual, tormented looking shapes and back to the black emptiness of the world. Without realizing the lightning and thunder thins out and becomes a less frequent noise, while the rain dims to a light sprinkle. The dark pit that was the sky slowly disappears restoring the heavens full of blinding light once again.


Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween!!!

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