Accredited Sports & Industrial Photographer


A couple of weeks ago I posted about submitting my work for accreditation by the PPOC-Professional Photographers Association of Canada. I am very excited to say that I earned both my sports and industrial photography accreditation from some of the best photographers in the industry. I really wanted to show my versatility in sport shooting inside and out. Judges consider the following criteria to grant accreditation: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Image file quality, Technique and Story Telling.

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It was important for me to show my published film work from my lacrosse days. The Canadian Souvenir Book is still published today (17 yrs) in multiple languages. Most of my published images are for editorial or for client based projects. Depending on the style of photography, I will be versatile in my media application. I'm always challenging myself and wanting to experience new styles. Recently, I have been experimenting with lighting and various post processing techniques. The accreditation process happens twice a year and I hope to prepare something wonderful for the next application. I will be putting forward a new portfolio of my best work on 500px. Some of my most recent projects are posted on Behance.

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Living in Hamilton area is haven for an industrial photographer. I enjoy putting on the steel toes and getting dirty. A worker one time asked me why I photograph some of the strangest things. There are so many leading lines, patterns, shadows and unusual shapes when photographing industrial places. When my work is done photographing the main subjects, I take advantage of my artistic vision to see other things of interest. Most often these images are the most compelling because of the unique environment. 

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Along with other service and print merits, a minimum of one Accreditation is required to qualify for a Craftsman of Photographic Arts and two accreditations are needed for a Master of Photographic Arts.


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