Wishing You a Very Happy Holiday!

Well this Christmas may not be as we planned. We are days without power because of the ice storm. Yes it's cold and dark, but I am blessed to be sharing the holidays with my loved ones. From my family to yours, Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday and Spectacular New year! I can't believe that it has been over ten years of my own family Holidays . Photographs are so important to me and just to focus on my own family on Christmas day is a special treat. I have taken many photographs of memorable moments. I enjoy seeing my children grow up and spending time with loved ones. This is certainly my favorite time of year.

This video is a special dedication to PaPa and Grandma with love at Christmas time! XoX

What do you do with over ten years of photos sharing Christmas Day with your loved ones...Remember to Enjoy them! Please be safe this holiday season.


As inquisitive as I am...found some photographs from my parents that I have never seen before! Such a heartwarming feeling. I don't have many images of myself growing up and perhaps this is why I capture so many moments with my own family. There is something special to be said about grandparents. I adore my family and cherish all these memories and look forward to many more. Happy Holidays! (Note to Self:  When the power comes back on perhaps I will restore a few of these old photos for my parents-xox)