“A Trophy Carries Dust, Memories Last Forever” Mary Lou Retton

When you have a client who is as thoughtful and considerate as Ms. Caitlyn, you want to do backflips for her.  She is an inspiring sports medicine student who wanted to give her mentor Chris Puskas, Head Athletic Therapist McMaster University a very special gift this past holiday season. 


"Chris Puskas has been one of my biggest allies and mentors since my first year of university. He selected me in my first year to volunteer as a Sport Medicine Student Therapist to help with our varsity athletes at McMaster, and I have been learning from him ever since. Seeing as I'm graduating this year, I wanted to get him something to thank him and commemorate all his hard work and what he taught me. I immediately thought of Aerial Promotions and the incredible photographs that Robin captures at the football games. It was easy to select a photo from Robin's archives, because I spent at least an hour going through her latest work after every game. I could not be happier for how amazing the photo turned out in print, and how amazing Robin is to work with. Mac football games would not be the same without Robin capturing every moment! Thank you Robin for everything that you've done, and for this memory that will now be unforgettable." Caitlyn

_RLW2203 copy

"It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up."  Vince Lombardi

_RLW1827 copy

I am appreciative of the opportunity to capture these timeless moments. It is gratifying to know that what I am experiencing on the field is shared by others.  Sometimes the most interesting photographs are taken with a deep breath, tuning out all the noise and watching people sincerely do what they love. The passion of the game-being trainers, coaches, referees, athletes and fans are all a part of the ambience that evoke a timeless emotion. 

ChrisPuskas copy

Thank YOU very much Caitlyn. I know you will be a very successful athletic therapist and anything else you put your mind to. Wishing you All the Best in 2014!


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