Dyment’s Farm Celebrating 125 Years

Getting EXCITED for the Google+ Photographer's Conference in San Francisco. I've been working very hard to earn my ticket. Just finished my first true HDR project and loved it. I photographed for the cover and inside spread of a cookbook, celebrating Dyment's Farm 125th anniversary. My client asked me to keep in mind a photograph taken back in the 80's by The Hamilton Spectator as seen below.   It is very difficult to recreate the shot because the angle and landscape has drastically changed. The image may have been manipulated, but I have no way of knowing for sure. After walking the entire farm for angle, positioning, composition and lighting I can only conclude the following: If the photograph is true, I believe it would have been taken high on a tower with a zoom. The property across the road was severed and cleared. Trees and a bell tower was taken down.  The foliage has grown and hardscapes make it near impossible to get the escarpment edge with the buildings for depth. It's a mystery to me and I'm interested to hear what you think! 80's Farm

The images I took of the farm were at dusk & early morning light on 3 separate days. I experimented with various angles, lenses & bracketed settings.[Nikon D3s, 70-200mm f/2.8, 10-20mm f/4.0-5.6, 50mm f/1.8 ]

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DYC-Dundas Youth Chaplaincy CID

SCOPE OF WORK: CID Package & Logo Redesign for Charitable Organization

DYC, Dundas Youth Chaplaincy came to Aerial Promotions (AP) to develop a fresh-current and relatable CID – Corporate Identity to represent their organization. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to work with a lot of concepts to come up with the perfect one. We were gently briefed on the Non Profit Community Organization in 2011. Our final design took form after the brainstorm/research session and five concepts were reviewed in 2012.

Dundas Youth Chaplaincy Mission Statement

 "The Board of Directors of the DYC has continued, with diligence, to plan and oversee the operation of Routes Youth Centre under a vision of every young person in Dundas and area having the opportunity to choose a significant and productive path through their teen years.  Our mission continues to be to provide a safe place for and guidance to youth by building relationships in a safe, social and caring environment.  Our goal is to help young people to find socially productive and satisfying "routes" to pursue in their lives and living."

DUNDAS YOUTH CHAPLAINCY-DYC ROUTES YOUTH CENTRE Previous-Routes-Logo (Routes Youth Centre is a Product of the DYC-Dundas Youth Chaplaincy)

To develop and maintain a caring presence and advocacy among the young people who tend to be socially marginalized to be joiners in the organized offerings of school, church and community programmes. But rather inclined to wander the street without meaning.

To help youth find socially productive and satisfying “routes” to pursue in their lives.

Example of Design Notes:

Direction, black & white, simple, roots, path, fun, social, structure, dependant, investment, loyal, umbrella, see, productive, diligence, continuing, guidance, plan, opportunity, significant, teen, years, safe, satisfying, live, life, pursue, dreams, ambitions, contribute, believe, caring, environment, tree, route, comfortable, vulnerable, beautiful, meet, welcome, arms, embrace, guide, Chaplain, Minister, belief, secular, institution, religious, spiritual, good, emotional, support, counselling, trustworthy, private, personal, resourceful, supervision, faith, pastor, discreet, heart, modern, change, world, issues, growth, help, read, knowledge, aide, mistake, forgiveness, mission, circle, support, service, committee, communities, intervention, volunteers, contractors, time, motivation, engaging, accountability, action, contact, connection, heart, brain, tree, hand, reaching out, back, direction, angel wings, halo, broken, hands over eyes, finding good, pick up, new beginning, edgy, relatable, modern, prominent, unisex, cross, heart, book, globe, light, rays, stars, flame, eagle, dove, spiritual, flags, crests, together, Non Profit Logo study-United Way, Salvation Army, WWF, Habitat for Humanity, YMCA…

Owl: Solitary-Family, Nocturnal, Exceptional Hearing & Vision, Beak for a tight grip, Camouflage for a safe place, evolve & adapt over time, immigrant lineages of ancestral owls, From Ancient Mythology Harbinger of death/evil to Western Culture=Wisdom, helpfulness, good luck, beauty, Ecology-balance food chain, HOOT tagline, Big eyes, 360 View, Logos used for education-night events-Nature Groups-Harry Potter, branch, observe, understanding, relatable, intelligence, trusted, trendy, fashionable…


[cincopa AUGAN6acuYge] Click Images Above to View Concept Designs _________________________________________________________________________________________________

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My First Custom iPhone Case

iphone case 650 I was interested in doing some custom photograph premiums to offer my clients.  How much fun is this, I just received my first iPhone case with my Photograph "ICU" on it and "I LOVE IT!" iPhone-case ICU The only thing I would change would be placement of the watermark.  The mock up didn't show the Casemate signature on the hard case and my copyright placed over top. Otherwise, I still LOVE it! Tons of compliments on the case already too. Thanks Zazzle!  

What Have I Been Up To?

My hands are freezing! I just got in from Dyment's for an escarpment shoot of the farm. I'm laughing now, but I really am not afraid to get dirty. I shot down low in a ditch, hiked up to high ground, rolled on some hay bails and some other icky stuff, went off roading in a car and popped out of my sunroof with the tripod to get the shot...seems to be my signature thus far. So much fun and such GREAT clients! I'm going to try some HDR and really hope they like the photos for the launch of their new cookbook. 
OMG I just finished up a contest entry that took up a better half of a week-every hour on the hour. My social media frenzy was on Twitter, Facebook (personal & fan page), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Groups, Blogs, G+ and the list goes on. I tried to network & engage, but I feel that I was inundating people with my redundant requests. I really want to win the contest, but the work came at the expense of endless repetitive hours. I feel that I just press a lot of buttons sometimes and wait for a response. I am certain that the Google+ Photographers Conference in San Fransisco will get me on the right track to streamline my workflow. 
YaY, we accomplished our goal to make the top 50! It is now up to the judges to choose a winner. The results will be announce on May 7th, 2012. A HUGE THANK YOU to my supporters Note: I know a lot of people couldn't vote because they are not on Twitter or Facebook, but I am grateful for your encouragement:
My Beautiful sorority sisters from Ship AΣT pulled through for me in the final hours and I am very grateful. Along with other networks and associations who helped me are: NAPP Members, ViewBug Followers, Pinterest Boards, Talenthouse Fellow Artists, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter Followers, Facebook Friends, Aerial Promotions Facebook Page Fans, Google Plus-Blogger, Tumbler Public Posts, My fellow soccer-basketball-hockey families, clients and friends. (Jennifer,  Greg,  Angela, Amanda, Melissa, Robert, Dianne, Deb, Jaret, Laura, Teri-lin, Frances, Julia, John, Dad, Sherri, John, Janet, Steve, Tammy, Brandy, Susan, Kianna-Reiss, Kelly, Amy, Nikki, Lisa, Shri, Cassie, Yusuf,  Gurkan, Bonnie, Kelly, Ashton, Tara Lea, Ania, Ayse, Basak, Demet, Altri, Mapnr, Lana, Bibu, Petr, Tayana, Gabby, Daniece, Filiz, Erin, Bridget, Lisa, Amber, Pam, Carmelina, Akhtar, Ian, Nagihan, Arun, Maria, Eda, Matt, Ariana, Jimmy, Britnee, Simone, Kelly, JonJon, Trish, Pat, Jackie, Courtney, Amanda, Morgan, Samantha, Christina, Amanda, Troy, Joanne, Tina, Jamie, Craig, Berk, Ellen Sara, Graciela, April, Zulema, Napoleon, Dave, Sarah, Jyotsna, James, Ksenia, Rumi, Andre, Fabiola, Nicole, Vyankatesh, Amy, Kelley, Reiss, Sue, Brandy, Dave, Angelika, Janet, Ilyi, John, Patirica, Sherri, Jim, Laura, Jaret, Ethan Evgenia, Magnelina, Teri-lin, Julia, Kristina, Ando Alffi, Deb Dianne Melissa, Kajal, Toni, Amanda, Amor, Les, Alexandre, Scott, Wladinir, Peter, Moserrate, Jennifer, Ahmet, Maxcor, Maria, JOhn, Rorigo, Noe, Serpil, Annie...)
A couple of days ago, I went to Jordan Historical Museum to photograph pioneer artifacts & games by the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. It was a full day program called "Strict or Nice" where children participate in the life of a child from 1908.  The children were asked to dress as a pioneer in 1848. I made a period lunch to take to the Edwardian school house (Dry products, Food grown on my family farm, local food sources-No imported food, No preservatives, No plastic..) in a dinner pail-basket. The images will be in post processing for museum use and of course for the special lil'pioneers of Greensville School shortly.Time to get back to Work!

Thank you for the comment…NO THANK YOU!

Hoist Up STEVE  SOMEN (Check him out and his articles at!) Here’s an excellent example of depth accomplished through luminance differential and shallow depth of field. This isn’t always the case, but in photography, especially in b/w photography, bright areas generally appear closer and darker areas generally appear farther away. You succeeded wildly Robin by adding a dark vignette making the subject matter (crane) appear to jump off the screen. Bravo!!! Hi Robin, so very kind of you to comment, thank you. I do shoot, landscapes, architecture, portraits etc. As for depth, it's really an illusion in 2 dimensional art such as photography. It can be accomplished with recognizable elements within the scene like the amount of floor you might include for example. Other times it's created by the mere differences in luminance, shadows and highlights. Most of the time it's all of the above. What it gets down to is what's important to you. I always ask myself in these situations, does an element compliment the scene or serve as a distraction. If it's the later get rid of it, if it's complimentary, keep it. This kind of discretion can only be developed over time, but the more you do it, the better you'll get. The subject of depth can get quite lengthy. I wrote a series of articles for in London and you might want to visit and read the section on depth, again thanks. SCOT BURNS I just wanted to thank you for your nice comments on my motorsports images. The shot of Angelle Sampey was taken in 2005 at ”The Strip” in Las Vegas. I was fairly new to digital photography back then and I had just purchased a Canon 20D and a 100-400 IS lens. I read the camera instruction book the night before while in my hotel room. The next day at Friday qualifying I think I shot over 700 images! Anyway, enough about me. One of the cool things about being a NAPP member is to see the wide variety of talent that comes through on the website. It’s always interesting to see ones work through the months and years and watch them grow creatively. You, my friend, have been very creative lately, especially with your latest addition called ”The Hoist”. This is an awesome image with great detail and depth! You’re love for photography and the ”adrenaline rush” is a great combination. I would love to see what you can achieve when you get the opportunities to capture fast cars and other vehicles. I’m always interested in what other photographers can do in the world of motorsports, and you would be excellent at it! Hope to talk to you soon . . . Scot Burns

Pinterest is Window Shopping and….

I know a lot of you are new to Pinterest or at least are thinking of trying it out. Here is a great article by Kalebra Kelby that explains generally what it is all about. I personally love Pinterest. My only complaint is that there is not enough time in the day to play in Pinterestland! Finally “Getting” Pinterest | Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider. Most of my photographs are on Pinterest and I welcome you to repin. Follow Me on Pinterest

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I could really use some help here to win this contest to collaborate with Robert Caplin & Viewbug. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to vote through Twitter or fb. The top 50 voted photographs are reviewed by Robert Caplin himself and judged. I need your help to be in that top 50. Currently I need 10 more votes to get back in the top 50. PLEASE VOTE NOW and spread the word. I truly want to expand my photography skills and greatly appreciate your help by voting. VOTE NOW Credit:  Talenthouse Creative Contest Posting About Robert Caplin
Robert Caplin is an editorial and corporate photographer based in Manhattan who specializes in documentary, travel, celebrity, portraiture and event photography. Robert is a regular contributor to The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal and his work has been published in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, TIME, and Newsweek. His clients include individuals such as Justin Bieber, Tiki Barber, and Victoria Justice and organizations such as The International Emmy's, Abercrombie & Fitch and American Electric Power. For more information visit:

About ViewBug

ViewBug is an online community that welcomes all levels of photographers and that inspire one another to continue in the medium and constantly evolve their own skills. In 2007, ViewBug launched as the online community to inspire passion in photographers through photography contests. For more information visit:

NAPP Editors’ Choice Again WOW!!!!!!!

Industrial Series, "Canisters" Click link below to view NAPP Editor Choice Image Article by NAPP WOW, Two Weeks In A Row! "Canisters" was chosen by guest judge Corey Barker (Like Corey's fb Fan Page) along with Larry Becker, Executive Director of the NAPP for Editors Choice (EC). I am so proud to be a photographer and to be recognized by some of the most pronounced industry professionals is an honor! I'm gonna try my hardest for a hat trick, but I really want the big one "Image of the Week"...LoL! Click the link below to View the article and image "Canisters"

GW Thompson Jeweller & Pawnbroker Inc. CID

Scope of Work-Client Brief: The Thompson's have been operating in Hamilton for over 40 years. It is a family pawnbroker & jewelry business. GWT are the father’s initials and TAG are the son’s initials. The three balls are the universal symbol for pawnbrokers. GW Thompson Jeweller & Pawnbroker Inc. CID Development GW Thompson Jeweller and Pawnbroker   SYNOPSIS: Pawnbroking has become very popular in recent years and is a very commercial concept. AP started with some background research about the industry and fascinated by the historical & religious significance of pawning.  Because of the traditional value and family structure to GW Thompson Jeweller & Pawnbroker Inc., AP created three initial concepts based on the following criteria: -The operating company name was too long and needed to be shortened. The family name is a brand in itself and known to its customers as “Thompson's”. -Second generation now operates the company with the intention of third generation to take over in future years. -The universal pawnbroker symbol may be used by official vendors only, but is abused in some cases. This causes reputation to be questioned in the industry. Thompson's is a valuable contributor to its community and is an upscale pawnbroker & jeweler, therefore; the new logo needed to be distinguished and classy. -The Hamilton downtown location has been recognized for over 40 years. They have a red awning with yellow lettering above the storefront. Steeltown is known for its local support and black and yellow Tiger Cats colors. -AP design notes from brainstorm dynamic content session for brand connection [cincopa AkIAu1qHhzWY] [Click Here] to View More CID Designs  

A & T Leasing-Auto Export Canada CID

SCOPE OF WORK: CID Package & Logo Redesign


A & T - Auto Export Canada came to Aerial Promotions (AP) to develop a sophisticated, luxurious CID – Corporate Identity to represent their company. The initial request was to create a printable brochure that clients would not want to throw away.  AP finalized creative for European and Vegas trade shows, online application & general business printing. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Metal FX- 8 page booklet is something to be handled to fully appreciate the quality of this finished piece. [cincopa AICAJxqgZaIN]AT After

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