Sports Illustrated-Oh to DREAM BIG!

I have to thank Brad Mangin's Tweet to be able to share this with all of you!

How SI Photo covers a Super Bowl

Go behind the scenes with the SI photo staff as they cover Super Bowl XLVI, from scouting locations before the game to choosing the cover image for the magazine issue.

NEW Hoodies! LA Laker Style Purple & Orange… Canadian Made!

Dundas Dynamo Hoodies

Aerial Promotions delivered a new style hoody to the Dundas Dynamo, bringing them home another win in style!  The team certainly made an impact with the new addition to the uniforms. Displayed in the photos above is a full zip, 80/20 blend-preshrunk, double distressed felt twill front & crest vintage design, embroidered team accents with personalization. Definitely a supreme quality garment from my supplier "Canada's Official Hood-Quarters".   After the official order was placed for the team, family-friends-fans wanted more.  With the additional orders from the Dynamo fans, Aerial Promotions was able to donate $150.00 back to the team.  Learn more about AP contribution to sport development (more...)

Dx3 Canada-Day 1

Dx3 sign

Just finished my first day at the Dx3 Canadian trade show. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Duncan Fulton of SVP Communications speak about selling social to the C-Suite. In regards to my profession I learned that 360 photography is breaking into budget...and so must I.

Socially we are adapting to new ways of thinking and marketing strategies are ever changing. I have a lot of questions and find myself intimidated. I put myself out there, vulnerable and feeling reprimanded at times for questions I ask. After discussing with other attendees, I am not alone. There is no set standard format or regulation for what is up and coming. I am constantly upgrading. Now, I sound like a computer, but Dave Fleet of Edelman keeps it in check. Humanize the approach as you would in traditional marketing. Continue to personalize and connect with your audience to build relationships. We don't need to be as mechanical as the "colded" process. Individually we should develop our own experience to engage and make it real.

I can't believe the fishbowl dynamic of people who have attended the Dx3 conference. They come from all backgrounds, experience and objectives. Some are swimming and fully emerged, circling and building momentum.  Others are testing the water, observing, fishing or ready to jump in...I have to share a couple of the interesting highlights from today: Visteks 3D & 360 photo system, kioskStyle computer touch screens with really cool design options, Screenscape (used in the Dundas Dragon BMO Team of the Week Campaign) made their presence-great product, Celine Brathwaite was the first vendor to approach me and I am very grateful because I had no idea what half the exhibits were selling, Todd Bailey of webiMax was very approachable-where other vendors were not. Perhaps a few drinks at Steamwhistle will cure that by tomorrow.

Lastly, a BIG Thank You to Kijiji, Mandy for the candid conversation and an espresso pick me up at the end of the day. I am hungry for knowledge and looking forward to another day in Dx3 land tomorrow.

QR Codes for Aerial Promotions

Aerial Promotions Youtube Video QR codes

Aerial Promotions is making a constant effort to keep informed, educated and advanced with the latest technology.  When I started my professional career I was presented the option of purchasing one of the first digital cameras or an APS camera. For those who do not know what an APS (Advanced Photo System by Nikon Pronea) camera is, it is a film based camera that had many newly introduced digital features. I was sold on the ability to scan the negatives (once developed) in a scanner (Fuji) with panoramic sizing and logged data. Because digital was so new and not mainstream I neglected to invest at that time. I was not ready to leave film and was very intimidated by the digital world.

Hmmmmf, NOW I wish I had taken a leap of faith to digital back then. Learning from that experience I embrace the new QR-Quick Response Code and all its possibilities. I am in continuous pursuit of progressive technique, gidgets and gadgets to be more efficient in my work and yet maintaining a humane lifestyle.

I am learning everyday and want to help.  I was first introduced to QR last summer while running the “BMO Team of the Week” Dundas Dragon Campaign. My experience engaged the power of social networking. I was overwhelmed to say the least. Some twitter supporters advised me of the QR wave and really made me a believer.

Watch this introductory video (by irene@qrhere) to understand QR-Quick Response Technology & Join the Movement!!! Check out our latest posts by scanning QR code images below with your mobile device to get connected.

BMO Team of the Week Campaign – Dundas

Location: Dundas (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada

Purpose: BMO Team of the Week Contest-Dundas Dragons U10 Girls Soccer Team selected as a contender for the largest cash prize ever awarded to amateur sports - $125,000 to refurbish one of our town’s soccer fields, $5000 Charitable Donation & Team Trip to a MLS Game.  

Project Timeline: 4 months (Preliminary Planning Strategy, Lead Up Promotion, Initiation of 15 Day Promote Vote Dundas Campaign, Post Production Wrap Up)

Synopsis: The Dundas Dragon “BMO Team of the Week“ Campaign was an ongoing spirited community effort from the DYSC, partnering soccer groups, local volunteers, Dundas supporters & believers, media, sponsors, community leaders, local business & organizations, family, friends & most importantly a cohesive team effort of 10-year-old girls.

To completely grasp the endurance and in depth emotional connection the Dundas Dragon U10 Girls Soccer team committed to this project, please review the months of dedicated posts on the following: Dundas Dragon Website, BMO Team of the Week Community Page, Dundas Dragon twitter Blog & Facebook Page.

Aerial Promotions (AP) documented the movement every step of the way. AP steered the committee in the campaign-“Promote Vote Dundas” for 4 months. Many life lessons were learned, but most of all a memorable experience of a lifetime for the young athletes involved.

Take notice that Dundas wants to build a healthy competitive future through advanced facility. Dundas wants to host local communities coming together for beneficial play. Dundas wants to gain opportunity in development of sport programs to an elite level.  Dundas & extended community voted 23 000 times over a two week period. AP takes pride in that and feels it only enlightens our endeavors. 

Beyond the marketing, we hope you find the photographs communicate the journey. These young athletes were judged on team pride, spirit, community commitment and passion for the game of soccer. We hope you find the content of the information informative, yet compelling to call to action. In hopes that these efforts do not go unnoticed and the end result may be better facilities in the future for our valley town.

Thank you to all who supported the program.

AERIAL PROMOTIONS MARKETING PLAN & FULFILLMENT: Design-Print Output, Online Marketing Strategy Postcard & Newsletter e-Blast Campaign (CLICK to View Our Work)

____________________________________________________________________ Dundas Dragons BMO Team of the Week Campaign Highlights

Honored to be Cactus Festival 2011 Parade Marshall's with Shari's Soul Sisters & accept DYSC Recognition Rewards
Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast Canada Day Celebration 2011-Dundas Driving Park - View Photographs  Community Development and Support-Hamilton Football Club Game Invitation - View Photographs • It was a pleasure to see South Region Soccer League, Hamilton & District President Al Carafiello personally place his vote Downtown Dundas. Dragons Capture Town Hall-Russ Powers Engaged • Thank You to all the tweets & support by Ted McMeekin, David Sweet, Bob Bratina, Erik Coverdale & Dean Allison Hamilton Ticats Game-James St. Art Crawl (We had an awesome time. Twitter Thanks "thefuzzymethod" & Jay!) KLite FM-Blog Posted By: Sunni Genesco , 900 CHML Interviews (YaY! Shawn) • Celebrity Supporting Tweets from Neve Campbell & Rick Campanelli (Thanks to some amazing volunteer bloggers-McWiggyMomof3) Toronto FC Post - Dundas Dragon , Hamilton Spectator-Vidya Kauri, Canada AM Announcement, CHCH News Segment, Zoran Knezevic-HamiltonSportsXpress Hamilton Region, Dundas Star Metroland-Craig Campbell BMO Team of the Week Community Page & Submission-Videos...

AP Fulfillment – BMO Team of the Week Campaign

BMO Team of the Week May Calendar

Dundas Dragons 2011 - BMO Team of the Week Campaign The committee volunteers were the backbone of this entire project. We applaud their heartfelt effort...THANK YOU! Aerial Promotions Fulfillment When AP accepts a project we "back-plan" from end result to the placement of the project.  Our theory allows us to work out any unforeseen issues that may arise and troubleshoot to accomplish better results. The above image is an example of a calendar from the first phase of the contest. The other three phases are explained below. • Pre-Campaign Awareness Program-initiated & chaired committee meetings; public & media relations; contest/team liason; Buskerfest Logistics-Postcards, Flyers, Helium Balloons; Rotary Club Canada Day Pancake Breakfast; Hamilton FC-Minor Soccer Community Day; Councillor Russ Powers acknowledges Dragons & shows his support • Logistics "Promote Vote Dundas" 15 consecutive day Campaign-Infectious Community Support: Signs, Communication, News Media; Travel Banners, Permanent Road Banners, Pop Up Signs, Strategic Placement of Bag Signs,  Business Cards-Call to Action, Remote Voting Stations, Vote Dundas T-shirts, Imprinted Balloons & a team of EXCEPTIONAL supporters, parents, siblings & athletes representing Dundas at the various locations: Grafton Square, Walmart Waterdown, McDonalds, Tim Horton's, Dairy Queen, African Lions Safari, Fortino's, Metro, University Plaza, Downtown Dundas. • Post Promotion-Wrap Up- Cactus Festival 2011 Parade Marshals, DYSC Recognition Rewards, Dundas Dragon Hoodies, Survey Feedback, Final Blog, Sponsorship Awards, Congratulatory email & Follow Up • Online Marketing:35 Page Website, 1000 Posts, 24/7 Live Blog-Social Media Interaction with Twitter & Facebook Page Ticker, Cross Promotion of Tournament, League & Exhibition Play, Screenscape, Linked Accounts, Media Advisory Reports, Information & Promotional Downloads, Daily Newsletter & Email Reminder Notices, Postcard e-Blast Campaign, Acquisition of domains, hosting, blog setup & Maintenance. Cross Promote Nationwide Announcement & News Stories: Reuters-MSN-MLS-TFC, CHCH News, Y108 Radio, Canada AM, National (Hamilton Spectator)-Local Community News (Dundas Star)… • Design Output: Dundas Dragon Sports Identy-Logo Creation for Multi-Media Application, 24"x60"/4'x8'/72"x48" Banners-Signs, Promotional Packages, Double Imprint Bag Signs, Flyers, Business Cards, Post Cards, Custom Designed T-shirt & Hoodies, Sponsorship Awards. View Examples of Work...(click) • Photographs: Click to View

Dundas Dragon BMO Team of the Week Design

[cincopa AwHAmwKZCf2z] Click Images Below for a LARGER View [cincopa AQDA4waeDfFB]

Dundas Dragons U10 Girls Soccer 2011 Photographs

  Click Here Best Dundas Dragon Action 2011! [cincopa AoDAHp6vq3so] _________________________________________________________ Click Here DYSC Medals of Appreciation _________________________________________________________ Postcard eBlast Campaign-BMO Team of the Week 2011 Click to View More _________________________________________________________ Promote Vote Dundas Dragon 2 Week Campaign-BMO Team of the Week 2011 Click to View Photographs _________________________________________________________ Dragons Cheer on Ticats at Ivor Wynne Stadium Click to View Photographs _________________________________________________________ Dragons Engage Russ Powers, Dundas Municipal Councillor Click to View Photographs _________________________________________________________ Hamilton FC Rage vs Rochester Game Click to View Photographs _________________________________________________________ Rotary Club Canada Day Pancake Breakfast Click to View Photographs _________________________________________________________ Dundas Dragons Promote Votes at Buskerfest Click to View Photographs _________________________________________________________ BMO Team of the Week-Dundas Dragons U10 Girls Soccer Team Presentation Click to View Photographs More...(Click)

Bacardi Whistler Experience 1998-2001

Where to begin....Hmmmmmm?  This project was Crazy Fun!  The only regret was turning down the "Bombay Saphire", brand manager position from the president of Bacardi at the time. To this day I am very loyal to Bacardi. My favorite drink is a Bombay Saphire Gin Martini straight up & a lil'dirty!

I can't say enough about the amazing promo team we created.  Our main Bandita and Bandito's were Christina, Rosie, April, Cora, Dionne, Tara, Julian, Colin & NANCY!

OMG we rocked Whister: Buffalo Bills, Merlins, Longhorn, Cinnamon Bear-Delta, Alpenrock, The Chateau, La Bocca, La Brassiere, Maxx Fish, Dusty's & the Garibaldi Lift Company just to name a few. Some of our most memorable moments were during Gay Pride Week & après time on the patio.

Aerial Promotions contracted to The Mohan Group Ad Agency in Toronto, while living in Whistler.  AP ran the Bacardi Whistler Experience promotion for 3 years and initiated the following: Staff meeting educate & brief, Sampling opportunity, Waitstaff incentives, Customer prizing, Positioning of posters-binwrap-tent cards-banners, Merhandise, Premiums, Product-ice-cups-waste disposal, DJ communication, Prize Distribution, Thank you follow up, Costume creation, Bag Pipe Player, Meet & Greet Patrons, Be a goodwill ambassador, Modify promotion to crowd and brand limiting brand cross over, Vehicle wrap, Staff branded wearables,  World Ski & Snowboard Festival Representative, Distribute-collect contest cards, Measure attendance-ballots-bottles sold, Many other detailed logistics of promotion...Oh and be the life of the party!  FYI AP took all the photographs, but I did have a team member snap a few of me enjoying my work...If you can call it that.  Yes I must say, I am enjoying myself in a few of them.

(A QUICK PLUG-At the time I was a certified ski instructor, but hardly saw the slopes.  Now I am a level II CSIA ski instructor I have a goal to photograph some extreme skiing.  If you're looking for a photographer, I strive to photograph & ski with the best)