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8 thoughts on “Hockey

  1. Fantastic photos!! Thanks for capturing all these great momments. Really hope you can capture the finals game between Black versus Red.

    • Hi Lisa, Thank You very much for the message. We are really disappointed that we will not be here for the big game. We will be boarding a plane in a few hours for a family vacation. Best of luck and I hope you all have a lot of fun!

  2. Hi Robin, thank you so much for these incredible photos! You captured nearly every moment of Jacob’s game…and it was definitely a game to remember 😉 I printed them – chose 12 of the best and have put them in a collage frame for him for Christmas – he will be thrilled!!
    Thanks again and I hope you and your family have a super fantastic holiday season 🙂

  3. Thanks Robin,

    They look great. You know, I think you have to keep shooting at each game now until our winning streak ends, I think it started the 1st game you brought the camera…

  4. Just wanted to say thank so much for the pictures. I love your energy and enthusiasm. I spent a few minutes looking around your website and really liked it…

  5. Wow – fabulous photos Robin! Thanks so much for capturing our boys’ glory games!!! You’re a very talented photographer indeed!
    Happy holidays to you too!

  6. OMG!!! That was FANTASTIC!!! I missed this game and i am so greatful of this footage….actually i have tears streaming down my face!!! So proud of this team, they never gave up!!!
    Cheers, Tammy