Dundas Blues Bobbleheads

Sometimes in the middle of the night you get up with a great idea. Not sure how to implement it, but a concept you want to experiment and have fun with. Well I just did that! The Nikon Fisheye 10.5mm 1:2.8 lens has given me some extraordinary results this year. I wanted to do a composite where the kids could give me some really silly expressions. The DMHA Dundas Blues team was just up for that challenge. Even the coaches got in on the action...Although I had to hunt a few down [TeeHeeHee], they were great sports. Movember is a very good time to get that real grunge look too. I really didn't know how I was going to pull it together. The shoot was really fast...like an assembly line. I used my favorite Westcott Ice Light, reflector and remote flash. The images were all extracted on the Wacom Cintiq tablet and various filters were used in photoshop to finish the The Dundas Blues Bobblehead Composite.  


I still enjoy the traditional team photo...I just like to add a little more character to make it different. Thanks Al & Jeff!

Dundas Major Atom Blues

"Zamboni" The Coldwater Community Centre in Orillia was beaming with character! 

Lonely Zamboni

Something you don't know! When my little guy first started playing hockey he wouldn't get out of bed, he would sit on the ice, he would not listen and misbehave. Yes we still got up at 5am for the 6'O'clock practices. We stuck with it and it was our son's decision to try out for rep. We were skeptical and he was not ready. He didn't make the team that year, but had an AMAZING season playing select hockey. The next year came and he wanted to try out again. More prepared and focused-YAY he made the team. He never gave up and loves to play hockey. In his first year playing I took some snaps of him on the ice. I didn't know the people helping him would be his coaches today! Back then you were just a guy on the ice. Your photo hung in my son's room for years. Proud to call you coach today. Thanks Denis!

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March Madness Camera Action!

After getting home from Bahamas we were off to the Sparta Classic Basketball Tournament at Michigan State. Transway met up with the Indiana G3 Hoosiers, a National (USA) Ranked #2 team.  It was an exciting game to say the least. The basketball rules are very different in the United States. I believe it certainly develops better players and refereeing to a much more elite level.

Kailie Basketball Transway Basketball | Spartan Classic Basketball Tournament | Michigan State University, USA | Major Atom Girls | March 8th-10th, 2013 [View Images!]

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The March break began with a tournament in Jordan, Ontario. The Dundas Select team played very well and had a lot of fun in Niagara Falls at the hotel...Not much sleep-FUN-FUN-FUN! I really enjoyed meeting Barry from Digital Sports Photography. DSP was shooting the tournament and selling prints/cd of the action.  They did a great job and I look forward to working with Barry,DSP in the future. [Digital Sports Photography]

Dundas Jr. Real McCoys | Dick Catterall Select Hockey Tournament | Jordan, ON | Select Atom Hockey | March 11th-12th, 2013 [Tournament Images]


David Johnson (DJ) ran his 2013 March Break Elite Basketball Camp at Annunciation Catholic School, Hamilton-ON. The camp was very inspiring with daily quotes to ponder, a commemorative t-shirt fund in honour of Sydney Wood, intense strength & conditioning training, advance skill assessment and motivational coaching. It was wonderful to see the camaraderie among athletes from all teams come together.

Sydney Wood T-Shirt

David Johnson March Break Elite Basketball Camp | Hamilton-ON | Boys & Girls 9yrs-18yrs | March 11th-14th, 2013 [View Images:  Day 1  |  Day 3  |  Day 4 ]

Westcott Lighting recently awarded me with the 2400-watt 2-Light Spiderlite TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit & Icelight. I wanted to make my first project memorable and help pass it forward. The kids at the David Johnson March Break Camp have a passion for basketball. My compassion for Sydney has made me value these young years forever. On the last day of camp I did basketball sport portraits for all the athletes. I am very happy with the Westcott Pro Lighting results and plan to do a review in the future. Visit David Johnson Basketball [Click Here]

Grace Basketball

Basketball Portraits using Westcott Lighting [Images Coming Soon!]

DJ March Break Camp

At the end of the week I found myself back in the ADS Group Plant in Hamilton photographing some monster machines!

50 Cubic Tumblasts

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