Social Media (SM) Opens Doors at SI

My Klout is admirable. I'm not famous and I know I don't have a lot of followers, likes, pins, favourites or retweets. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to communicate on social media (SM) and more grateful for the opportunities it creates. Please join me on my journey to Sports Illustrated, NYC.

Instagram @bradpix “The wonderful Robin Wilson of @aerialpromotions stopped by for a visit today. Happy to have her spend some time with us, hope she can shoot for us this summer.” & on Twitter [symple_social icon="twitter" url="" title="Brad Smith Twitter" target="self" rel=""] from @BradSmithSI. 


[symple_box color="green" text_align="left" width="100%" float="none"] The Lead Up [/symple_box] I joked about a year ago when I said Sports Illustrated (SI) is going to love this photograph. You may have heard the awkward laugh, but deep down I crave ambition to pursue this starlight fantasy. Here I am on my dream journey to NYC to meet with the Sports Illustrated Director of Photography (DOP), Brad Smith.

Twitter and Instagram is where we connect. It is important to be consistently aware and share great information for people to follow. I’m always trying to improve my photography skills and attend many conferences. KelbyOne/Photoshop World (PSW) is my favourite. I have met one-on-one with many professionals who have given me phenomenal advice (My Posts: Dave Black, Bert Monroy, Peter Hurley, Jack Reznicki, Catherine Hall and Scott Kelby)

As I blog about my experiences and post images, a direct message comes through twitter. This is an engagement that I embrace and want to develop a relationship like Brad says, "A healthy marriage between editor & photographer".

Brad asks, “When are you coming to NY?”  OK…put yourself in my shoes. Brad is the Director of Photography for Sports Illustrated. He is the SI cover guy….Yeah that guy!..Theeeeeee Guy! When I shared my news with friends I got the sarcastic, “yeah right” attitude.

I continued to post and work hard at being a better photographer. Brad acknowledges on my SM some of my family portraiture, ambiance and action. Speaking of shoes, one of my favourite @Bradpix post is Seattle Seahawk pumps on the sideline at the Superbowl.   I also enjoy it when he posts the latest SI covers fresh off the press on Instagram @bradpix and his Gator play by play action on Twitter @BradSmithSI. The relationship continues and I enjoy bantering online at the Team Canada hockey jabs in Sochi. BTW=“GOAL’D” 


So when Brad says he has football playoffs-The Superbowl in January, then The Olympics in Sochi, Russia for February and wants you to pick a date to meet…pick a day and wish upon a star to make it happen. 

[symple_box color="green" text_align="left" width="100%" float="none"] The Trip [/symple_box]

The flights were cancelled and the weather was the worst we have ever driven in [ ]. It took almost 13hrs to get to NYC because the New York State Thruway was closed due to accidents and poor weather conditions.

Over the last month my workload has been extensive, but most rewarding. I have put in over excessive work hours and drove thousands of miles to expand my portfolio. Coming from the land of Tim Hortons, I really needed a coffee, but unfortunately another roadblock [].

White knuckles we keep driving. Due to the weather and dizzy GPS, we don’t know our ETA. We do know that if we travel East we won’t go in circles anymore. Yes it was that bad!

To have a great support system when following your dreams is heartfelt. My parents up in Northern Canada Cottage Country are entertaining the kids, my husband is determined to drive straight through the storm just to get me to my meeting on time, friends reach out on social media (SM) for encouragement and photography colleagues assist me on final details of my portfolio.

[symple_box color="green" text_align="left" width="100%" float="none"] The Meeting [/symple_box]

Excited and nervous to say the least. After a couple of hours of rest, I work on portfolio B-C-D…just in case Brad wants to see more. A few points that resonate with me in Youtube video “How to Edit Your Photos with Brad Smith” : 

Look for the peripheral things going on and encompass the whole game…even the portrait of a player on the sideline…it’s important to tell the whole story and include them in your portfolio. Keep shooting even when the play ends or when no one around you is working!

What do you want to show me? What do you want to do? I want to do it all, but I need to impress Brad with my action photography. Although I know I would love to do feature work too (Like Robert Caplin). There is limited time and I really need to show him what I want to do...ACTION game photography.

Show your best work first…Images you can’t take your eyes off. Because portfolio reviews are based on judgment, many people have different opinions. I have had the some of the finest people in the industry assist me in choosing the best images for my portfolio. Now I have my most important sports photography review of my career.

Time Life Building NYC

I am about to enter the Time & Life Building in New York City to meet with Brad Smith, Director of Photography Sports Illustrated. I was a half hour early after security. There was a gentleman from an advertising agency who does work for InStyle, People, Time and SI. We had a nice conversation in reception. When I arrived at SI, two fun loving characters met me at the front door.  They rolled out the red carpet and loaded me down with some fabulous reads.

Brad starts the conversation with his gratitude for coming down to NYC to meet with him. If anything I would fly over the moon for an opportunity like this. After I tell him about our travels, he expresses his appreciation to share with my husband for driving through the storm. He is such a compassionate man.  We then chat about our children and a little bit about the business. “Let’s get started…Show me what you got!”

[symple_box color="green" text_align="left" width="100%" float="none"] The Critique [/symple_box]

What resonates with me when I watch Brad review my images is how he emphasizes with the athlete. “More head trauma, only if they knew what they know now, unfortunately it makes a great shot.” Because I was trying to show my ability to capture prime action, many of the portfolio images were of collisions or impact.


Brad then says, “Another great shot of a defender…there should be more of it.” I’m starting to understand that Brad want’s to see unique images and not what he sees come across his desk everyday.  He does mention that SI still needs the portrait of the QB and the story image.


Brad seemed to enjoy my basketball night portrait the most. I have an entire collection of dunks and fun basketball portraiture that I would love to expand on. I actually feel it is my specialty above the rim, below and through the net [see more]. The Indiana gym photo- although Brad zoomed right into the garbage can-facial expression, general ambiance and frozen motion make him smile. “This is a great shot.”


I feel I should have shown more variety in my photography. I have it, I just didn’t build my 20 images with this in mind for the initial portfolio review. Brad is a very busy person, but was generous with his time to see more.  Brad suggests that I shouldn’t show all my action cropped-tight with a 400. He acknowledges that I can shoot action, but to try a new perspective by lens or angle to make a more interesting image. Did I mention that I rock the fisheye!


Now I’m beating myself up a bit because I didn’t show that one picture because I didn’t know he wanted to see it. I have the hardest time choosing. I was a little nervous, showed too much, possibly over processed a vignette on one image and even went into the wrong portfolio.  I wanted to show him my composites too, but focused on action. I over prepared. Brad wants to see me tighten up the portfolio. Live and learn, but what a time to have a teaching moment when you only have one shot….Literally! OK let's lighten it up a bit with some Dundas Blues Hockey Bobbleheads...


Sometimes you need to feel failure in order to succeed. I still felt at ease because Brad has the most wonderful, kind and sincere demeanor about him. I think the title purely “Authentic” in front of his name is justified.


He asks me, “What do I want?” A question that stimulates an electrifying response, “I want to shoot for you!” If you need someone to cover any Canadian events or Detroit or Buffalo…as a take a deep breath…The Pan Am Games are coming to Toronto and the NBA All Star Game soon. Brad explains the process and what SI will cover. OMG, then I hear, SI will get you credentials to shoot for us at the Pan Am Games. We will run a section and you can cover the Pan Am Games for Sports Illustrated. I am giddy like a schoolgirl, but trying to contain myself. I now have the most perfect opportunity to prove myself as a Sports Illustrated photographer. I have access to 36 sports with 7000 athletes in my own backyard venues. I can research, practice and prepare the most unique photographic images I have ever done. Most importantly I will be able to capture these elite athletes at a prime moment in their athletic career as I fulfill mine.


Another gentleman comes to visit, Chris Chambers. Brad introduces us and explains Chris was an editor for Getty and edits the NBA, NFL and Motorsports for SI. We go into the boardroom and chat a bit about the industry. I then start to show Chris some of my photographs, more specific to football and basketball. Chris advises me that it’s about access and what is available to you.  He said, even though you are shooting amateur sports you are taking great photos. Hearing him say, “No doubt you can shoot” makes me so happy. Chris than spoke to me about layers. Everyone has a purpose to make the photo better. Fans create the energy; band makes you move, coaches direct the game and so on. Chris says he want’s to see the one blade of grass in the forefront of the photo leading up to the action and then the crowds reaction. I need to be responsible for everything in the shot. Even when the shot's not clean try to make it a part of the story. This conversation was very inspiring because I want to emote this in my photography always.


Today as I review my photographs with fresh eyes, I understand how I can make my portfolio better.  I want to intrigue the viewer and make them stay in the moment- frozen in time. I want them to see something different, build an emotion through the layers and not take their eyes off my photograph. I am not afraid to fail, but anxious to experiment and achieve greatness in my photography. THANK YOU Brad!

My portfolio is always a work in progress! To view more photographs visit 500px or Behance  (Update in Progress)

A huge shoutout to all the amateur athletes who give it everyday, CIS, OCAA, OUA and McMaster football who allow me to capture the good, bad and the ugly. Thank YOU to all of my friends, family and colleagues who support me. I am very grateful for my young athlete followers and will always keep it real. Thanks for all the retweets, likes, favs and your encouragement. I want my kids and husband to be proud of me and love them for joining me on my special journey. Check out some of my colleagues great work. I appreciate the help with my portfolio selects: Matt Hernadez, Brandon Taylor, Scott Thomas, Hamilton Scores-Denis LeBlanc & Sean Healey.

I LOVE BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER! How bout a reality series for photographers like America's/Canada's Next Top Model EH?

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DiCroce Sheds Maroon for Blue

Source: McMaster Communications | May 28, 2013 [Hamilton Scores]

McMaster Marauders’ star receiver, Michael DiCroce, has inked a contract with the Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Blue Bombers selected DiCroce in the fourth round (29th overall) of the 2013 CFL Draft, as the third of five Marauders chosen on May 6.


The Hamilton native enjoyed a landmark season in 2011, leading Canadian Interuniversity Sport with 48 receptions for 904 yards and six touchdowns en route to recognition as Ontario University Athletics Most Valuable Player and a First-Team All-Canadian. He missed the majority of the 2012 season due to injury, but reentered the lineup in time to help the Marauders reach a second-consecutive Vanier Cup final, totalling 26 catches for 384 yards and three touchdowns in that limited action.


With his signing, DiCroce joins the Blue Bombers who welcome their first-year members to a three-day training camp that begins on Wednesday (May 29).

Winnipeg’s full training camp will open on Sunday, June 2.

[cincopa AYAAqKbIxjiP]


Bombs Away Michael DiCroce, CONGRATULATIONS!

Images are available at www.Present it 10% Discount: 8x6JeuYU [Football coming soon!]


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Mac Goes into Playoffs on a Winning Note

Source: Bill Malley, McMaster Communications | February 17, 2013 [Hamilton Scores]

It didn’t hold the same stakes as the previous night, but the McMaster men’s basketball team showed some pride with a 92-82 victory over visiting Lakehead Saturday night (Feb. 15) in Hamilton.

Prior to the game, the McMaster staff honoured the graduating seniors from this year’s team: Kyle Chevalier, Nathan Pelech and Scott Laws.


McMaster's Scott Laws plays a well balanced defence against Lakehead University

With both teams locked into their respective spots in the Ontario University Athletics West standings, McMaster could only try to end its seven-game losing streak against Lakehead in conference play going back to 2010.

On this night, it was Lakehead which scored two quick hoops to get an early lead, but Mac evened things up and the teams played even, until a late surge by the Marauders saw the quarter end with Mac on top 28-18.

Both coaches went deeper into their bench players than they might normally, preferring to save wear and tear on the starters with the post-season looming. McMaster carried the momentum to start the second quarter and built the lead up to 16 (41-25) on a trey from Adam Presutti. Following a timeout by Lakehead, the Wolves began to claw back, and at the half they had shaved the Maroon advantage down to 45-38.


McMaster Joe Rocca takes a charge from Lakehead's Dwayne Harvey

Like the previous night, Lakehead looked to assume control to start the second half and went on a 10-2 run to grab the lead at 48-47. McMaster responded though and came up with a run of its own so that by the end of the third quarter, the lead was 62-53 with 10 minutes left in the game.

The fourth quarter became a battle of attrition as both teams were whistled for numerous fouls. The Wolves closed to within six, but Presutti hit a timely three-pointer to bump the margin back to nine. With time running out, Lakehead looked to its defense to force some turnovers but some over-aggressive play put McMaster at the charity stripe and the Marauders made their free throws to close out the win.


McMaster’s Aaron Redpath was player of the game, scoring 20 points McMaster was led by BIG MAC player of the game Aaron Redpath, who scored 20 points on 5 of 6 shooting from the floor and 9 of 10 from the stripe. Adam Presutti scored 15 points, while Taylor Black with 11 and Nate Pelech with 10 also hit double figures.

Top Lakehead shooter was Joey Nitychoruk, who finished with 18.

McMaster finishes OUA play with a 13-8 record and enters the playoffs as the third-seed in the West division. The Marauders will host the Waterloo Warriors on Wednesday (Feb. 20) in a division quarter-final. Tip-off will be at 8 p.m.


McMaster Adam Presutti goes up for a jumpshot in the last quarter against Lakehead

Mac Women Grab Third Place in Basketball

Source: Bill Malley, McMaster Communications | February 17, 2013 [Hamilton Scores]

The McMaster women’s basketball team rode some tenacious second-half defense to an 87-71 victory over visiting Lakehead on Saturday night (Feb. 16) and as a result moved up to third-place in Ontario University Athletics West division.

Both teams had something at stake as McMaster was looking to improve in the standings, while Lakehead had to win to make the post-season after Guelph beat Waterloo earlier in the day.

McMaster-Lakehead-12845 McMaster’s Liz Burns looking to score against Lakehead 

The Thunderwolves wanted to shut down Marauder post Hailey Milligan, who has been a point and rebound machine for the past two months. The first quarter was see-saw as Lakehead collapsed on Milligan, forcing Mac to get scoring elsewhere. After one quarter the Marauders held a 22-21 lead.

The second quarter saw Lakehead heat up from the perimeter, and with the Marauders having a hard time finding their top scoring option, the ’Wolves went up 50-39 late in the half. But Mac guard Vanessa Bonomo drained two three-point shots in the last 20 seconds to reduce the deficit to only five at intermission and re-take the momentum.

Lakehead had made 8 of 15 from beyond the arc in the first half to grab the advantage.

Giving up 50 points in a half put the Marauders in a bad mood entering the third quarter, and the team responded by going on a 14-0 run to grab a nine point lead. With its season the line, Lakehead refused to quit and cut the deficit to 68-64 at the end of the third.

McMaster-Lakehead-12852 McMaster’s Clare Kenny rebounds against Lakehead 

The fourth quarter saw the Marauder defense take control. Outscoring Lakehead 16-0 over the first four minutes of the period built the lead up to 20, and the Thunderwolves had no answer. McMaster allowed just seven points and only one field goal in the final quarter to bring home the win and knock Lakehead out of the playoffs.

Top shooter and BIG MAC player of the game for McMaster was Milligan, who got on track in the second half and finished with 24 points and 11 rebounds for her 11th consecutive double-double game. Bonomo also registered a double-double with 20 points and 12 assists, while Danielle Boiago with 19 and Liz Burns with 11 scored in double digits. Lakehead’s top scorer was Carolyn Fragale with 18 in her final CIS game.

The win improves the McMaster record to 12-9 and advances them to third in the standings. The Marauders will now host the No. 6 seed, Guelph Gryphons, on Wednesday, Feb. (20) in a division quarter-final, slated to tip off at 6 p.m.

Loss Leaves Mac at .500 in Women’s Volleyball

Source: Fraser Caldwell, McMaster Communications – January 13, 2013 [Hamilton Scores] 

The Marauders’ winning streak was snapped at four on Saturday (Jan.12) after the Ryerson Rams handed the hosts a 3-2 loss at the Burridge Gym in Ontario University Athletics women’s volleyball.

Taylor Brisebois led the Marauders paced Mac with 17 points, converting 11 of her 16 hitting attempts in the process. Shannon McRobert (15) and Kierstyn Bakker (14) also contributed double-digit point totals for McMaster, which evened its record at 6-6.

vball_macpink-4 Marauders Meagan Nederveen (4) and Mira Krunic dive in unison to to save a point. (Photo: Robin Leworthy Wilson)

Middle Chelsea Briscoe was tops for the Rams with 18.5 points and 15 kills.

The first set began neck-and-neck, but the Marauders distanced themselves as they approached the technical timeout. The home side took a 16-11 lead into the break after the Rams were unable to pass out of a swing by Lauren Mastroluisi.

It was Mastroluisi who forced the Rams into another timeout at 19-11, when the left side rolled a shot deep that found a weak point in Ryerson’s coverage. Weldon chose to dump two points later and caught the Rams off guard to move the Marauders ahead by nine at 21-12.

McMaster held that pace in the late stages, and polished off the set by a score of 25-15 after a combo block by Taylor Brisebois and Mira Krunic on the right side.

In the second set, a small Marauder run forced the Rams to call time at 9-6. McMaster seized on that advantage, and when a Ryerson attack weakly floated wide, the Marauders led 13-9.

The visitors answered back momentarily, winning seven of the next eight points to carry a 16-14 lead into the technical timeout after the Marauders failed to dig out the serve. The set levelled out again a few points later, with the Rams putting an attack wide left to end a long rally and knot things at 17.

Errors crept into McMaster’s game, and they were forced to call time trailing 23-21 after a miscue at the net. The Rams finished the set strongly and evened the match at a game apiece with a 25-23 win.

The home side bounced back quickly in the third, jumping into the lead on the back of a combo block in the middle by Lauren Skelly and Brisebois, and testing Ryerson with its serve to take a 12-7. Shannon McRobert made the most of an awkward pass and pushed an attack to take the Marauders into the third set technical timeout with a 16-13 advantage.

But Ryerson used the timeout well, and came out firing to retake the lead and force McMaster into a break of its own at 18-17. Much like the Rams’ timeout before it, the Marauders’ appeared to refocus the team, and they powered into a lead that proved final.

Riding the steady service of Bakker, McMaster streaked to the finish line in the third, and crossed it when Krunic tooled the block on the right and found the floor for 25-21.

There was little to separate the two teams early in the fourth, but Ryerson inched ahead as it approached the technical timeout. Kailee Stock produced a thunderous kill for 13-15, but the Rams would enter the break with the lead a point later. McMaster kept itself within striking distance and tied the game at 21 when Patricia Raso came up with a solo block on the left.

Ryerson moved into a late lead and edged the set 25-23 when a McMaster dig sailed wide.

The Rams carried that momentum into the fifth, and won five of the first six points of the deciding set before the Marauders called time. It was a deep hole to dig out of for the home side, and McMaster would never be able to fully recover, dropping the set 15-7.

McMaster Volleyball

[nggallery id=79]

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Sport Filled Weekend!

Between my own children's activities and sports shooting, it was a very busy weekend! I was at the rink with my lil'guy Friday Night for some DMHA hockey and a little more with the Senior AAA Dundas Real McCoys who literally lay a beating on the Orillia team.

Real McCoy Hockey

Saturday was the Awesome HWMFA Ticats Football Camp. I will admit I am in withdrawal from shooting football, but it was really nice to watch the pros teach the kids fundamentals.  I picked up on a few tricks to understand and anticipate the game more....Not to mention the big smile on my lil'guys face-Fun-Fun-Fun! Soccer and Basketball for my other lil'gal! Off to shoot some Mac Sports.

McMaster Volleyball

One of my beautiful girlfriends from Whistler passed away this December of Breast Cancer. I dedicate Saturday night to Lalaine while I shot "Think Pink" Volleyball at McMaster University. It made be want reminisce and remember a card she made for me before I came back to Ontario.  As you can see she was beautiful on the inside and out....I miss her!

Breast Cancer

Sunday was a competitive day for my children as we revised a plan to get one to an OBA Provincial Basketball Tryout and the other to a Select hockey game in Brantford. Divide and conquer!

Full Sport Stories and Photos Coming Soon! Volleyball_MacPink-68


Vanier Cup 2012 Photo Gallery

[Click Here] to view Robin's Top Vanier Cup 2012 Football Pics!  Congratulations to The Laval Rouge et Or, Vanier Cup 2012 Champions! Final Laval (37) - McMaster (14) Laval Rouge et Or Vanier Cup 2012 Champions It was my first time shooting at The Rogers Centre and this was not  game I expected to photograph.  There is football fever going around this weekend.  Happy 100th Grey Cup and looking forward to some great football! Enjoy the pics!  The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Honourable David C. Onley The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Honourable David C. Onley enjoys some Canadian Football! Ben D Read Full Article by CIS [Hamilton Scores] McMaster, Ben D'Aguilar attempts to slow down Laval, Maxime Boutin I am very impressed with the McMaster Marauder Football Team who demonstrated a classy  2012 Vanier Cup defeat Friday. The supporting family, friends and teammates affectionate support was tearfully beautiful.  Class Act Kyle Quinlan I believe a true Champion is the one who demonstrates pride by character in the most difficult times... [Click Here] to view Robin's Top Vanier Cup 2012 Football Pics!   Due to popular demand prints are now available for purchase at Present it More FOOTBALL! [Click Here]    Best Action Shots [Click Here] Please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and comment on our photographs/design on our blog. Our number one place to post is on Google Plus  GOOGLE+ We always update on { tumbr blog | Flickr photostream | YouTube channel} too! _________________________________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD IMAGES* *Read AP Terms & Conditions Before Download…click here *Read AP Photographic Licensing Before Download…click here © Aerial Promotions 1997-2012  |  Photo Credit: Robin Leworthy Wilson _________________________________________________________________________________________ WHY?...Because We Care! It is part of AP mission to give back to sport & the developing athletes as a volunteer in the local community 

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Laval Dismantles Mac Machine in Record Style

Laval Dismantles Mac Machine in Record Style

Source: Canadian Interuniversity Sport – November 24, 2012 [Hamilton Scores]

McMaster Marauders string of 21 straight regular season and post season victories snapped with thunderous vibrations on Friday night.

That consecutive game snap at the Rogers Centre, a Canadian Interuniversity Sport record, broke the Marauders opportunity to repeat as Vanier Cup champions, as Laval Rouge et Or dominated McMaster, 37-14, to reign supreme in Canadian collegiate football.

Photo: Robin Leworthy Wilson, Aerial Promotions

In doing so, Laval not only redeemed themselves after losing to the Marauders 41-38 in last year’s dramatic Vanier Cup game, but the Rouge et Or established a new standard in CIS football.

Laval has now claimed the Vanier seven times, most ever by a CIS team. Friday night, a dominating ground game, led by a 253-yard, two-touchdown performance by running back Maxime Boutin in the 48th Cup show, highlighted Laval’s victory over the Marauders before a Vanier record crowd of 37,098.

Boutin, from Quebec City, earned the Ted Morris Trophy as the most valuable player of the final. His rushing performance ranks him second all-time in a single-game Vanier Cup performance, and is a new personal-best for Boutin, surpassing a mark of 213 yards set a week ago in the Uteck Bowl.

“For two straight weeks, I can’t credit my O-line enough,” said Boutin. “They made it easy for me, and I almost always had a huge gap to run into.”

Arnaud Gascon-Nadon of Montreal earned the Bruce Coulter Award as the defensive MVP, with 3.5 tackles, one tackle for a loss, and half a sack.

“This is the reason I came back and didn’t go pro,” noted Gascon-Nadon, who was drafted by the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats last spring.

“After last year’s loss to Mac in the Vanier, we all wanted to get this payback. We really wanted this seventh banner to become the most decorated team in history.”

Photo: Robin Leworthy Wilson, Aerial Promotions

The seventh banner for Laval pushes them ahead of the six championships won by the Western Mustangs. Glen Constantin has been at the helm of six of those championships, itself another Vanier Cup superlative. A year ago in Vancouver, McMaster prevented the Quebec City powerhouse from establishing the new standard when the Marauders won in overtime with a field goal.

Friday, the dominating Rouge et Or defence made seven sacks in the game, also a Vanier Cup record, and held McMaster to 75 rushing yards. All of McMaster’s points were confined to a brief outburst of activity over a 72-second period late in the first half.

On the other side of the ball, Laval pounded out 373 yards rushing, another Vanier Cup single game team mark, eclipsing the previous record of 364 yards set by the UBC Thunderbirds in 1982. Laval’s 605 yards of net offence ranked fourth all-time in Vanier Cup history, and is the highest net yardage in a non-overtime Vanier Cup game.

Rouge et Or quarterback Tristan Grenon (Quebec City) amassed 234 passing yards, connecting on 11 of 25 attempts, tossing one touchdown, and throwing no interceptions. His most prolific target, Seydou Junior Haidara (Quebec City), contributed 106 yards on three receptions.

In the losing effort, this year’s Hec Crighton Trophy winning quarterback Kyle Quinlan completed 25 of 40 passes for 355 yards, with one touchdown and two interceptions.

Photo: Robin Leworthy Wilson, Aerial Promotions

After a scoreless first quarter, Laval opened the scoring with a 28-yard pass from Grenon to Matthew Norzil (Montreal) at the 4:02 mark of the second frame. McMaster soon after conceded a safety rather than kick from its own end zone, and a 22-yard field goal from Boris Bede (Toulon, France) gave Laval a 12-0 lead with just over three minutes to play in the first half.

McMaster’s ensuing possession saw the Marauders drive 75 yards on six plays, culminating in a one-yard rushing major by Quinlan. A Laval two-and-out returned the ball to McMaster. A couple of long passes by Quinlan, climaxing with a 59-yard pass-and-run touchdown connection with Dahlin Brooks (St. Catharines), gave the Marauders a 14-12 lead with 29 seconds remaining in the half.

A spirited drive by Laval took the ball to the McMaster two-yard line, but time expired before the Rouge et Or could score.

Maxime Boutin provided a much-needed spark for the Laval offence in the third quarter, adding a pair of rushing touchdowns to the Rouge et Or’s tally. Boutin ran the ball in from 11 yards and 84 yards, the latter play being the third-longest run from scrimmage in Vanier Cup history. A trio of field goals by Bede rounded out Laval’s scoring.


LAV 0-12-19-6: 37 McM 0-14-0-0: 14


SECOND QUARTER LAV – TD Norzil 28 pass from Grenon (Bede kick) 4:02 LAV – Safety Touch (Crapigna concedes) 9:37 LAV – FG Bede 22 11:57 McM – TD Quinlan 1 run (Crapigna kick) 13:19 McM – TD Brooks 59 pass from Quinlan (Crapigna kick) 14:31

THIRD QUARTER LAV – TD Boutin 11 run (Bede kick) 3:15 LAV – Safety Touch (Crapigna concedes) 7:45 LAV – TD Boutin 84 run (Bede kick) 10:34 LAV – FG Bede 37 13:39

FOURTH QUARTER LAV – FG Bede 20 6:48 LAV – FG Bede 31 10:35

Attendance: 37,098. Rogers Centre-Sky Dome Best Vanier Cup Photos [Here]| View Full Image Gallery [Here]  

Marauders vs Laval Vanier Cup Rematch

Marauders, Laval in a rematch for Vanier Cup

Source: Michael Grobe, Canadian Interuniversity Sport – November 18, 2012 [Hamilton Scores]

No. 1 McMaster will defend its 2011 Vanier Cup title as they knocked off the No. 3 Calgary Dinos, 45-6, at Ron Joyce on Saturday night.

The Marauders make their second straight Vanier appearance to face the No. 2 Laval Rouge et Or in a rematch of last year`s Canadian Interuniversity Sport national championship, won by McMaster in overtime, 41-38, in Vancouver. Earlier Saturday, Laval dumped No. 9 Acadia, 42-7, for its third consecutive trip to the final.

The win also extends McMaster`s CIS record consecutive win streak to 21 games before a crowd of 5,442.

Kyle Quinlan (South Woodslee), who was named the game’s most valuable player, was involved in 36 of the Marauders 45 points tossing three touchdowns and rushing for another three on the ground. He finished with 412-yards passing on 25 of 35 attempts. The fifth-year senior also rushed for an additional 50 yards on 11 carries.

Kyle Quinlan “The bigger the game the better he plays and that’s for his entire career. That’s not just once or twice.” said McMaster head coach Stefan Ptaszek about his Hec Crighton nominee quarterback. “He comes up big on the biggest stage.”

McMaster`s defence stymied Calgary`s offence, which was ranked No. 1 in almost every offensive category heading into the Churchill Cup game, posting just 200 total yards and only six points. Dinos running back Steve Lumbala of Calgary finished with just 39 yards on 14 carries while Canada West MVP Eric Dzwilewski of Boise, Idaho, threw for just 114 yards making 10 completions on 21 attempts.

CIS regular season sack leader Ben D’Aguilar (Hamilton) racked up three of the five sacks surrendered by Calgary while Aram Eisho of Hamilton tallied a game high 10 solo tackles. Defensive back Steve Ventresca (Hamilton) also posted nine tackles and two pass breakups. Joey Cupido (Hamilton) was the lone Marauder to intercept Dzwilewski, returning it 49 yards late in the fourth quarter.

Quinlan was proud of what the Marauders could do on the defensive side of the ball.

“It was wild,” said Quinlan. “There was a sense it might be a shootout if we do our job and two high scoring offences going head to head. Our defence shut that up pretty quickly.”

“Those kids were on the bit all day, we gave up things horizontally and nothing vertical” said Ptaszek on the Marauders defensive play. “[Calgary] were out of sorts all day. That’s a tribute to the game plan and the kids playing their hearts out.”

Rob Babic (Oakville) was the game’s top receiver and favorite Quinlan target making 10 receptions for 156 yard and converting one touchdown in the win for the Marauders.

McMaster scored 37 unanswered points, starting midway through the second quarter, to push the Marauders into the Vanier Cup appearance.

In the end, Calgary came undone in the second quarter committing eight penalties for a loss of 66 yards helping McMaster post 17 points in that quarter on route to the win. In total, the Dinos were called for 17 penalties which cost them 127 yards.

“We spoke about penalties all year and it came back to bite us today,” said Calgary head coach Blake Nil. “Our defence came out strong but got worn out and the offence just couldn’t get it started today.”

Quinlan’s first rushing touchdown came after two crucial penalties by Calgary as time expired in the opening frame making the score 7-3 at the time.

McMaster blew the game open late in the second quarter after scoring 14 points twice within 58 seconds. Quinlan punched in a one-yard run on the first score then found Brad Fochesato (Windsor) to make the score 24-4 heading into the half. The Marauders would go on to punch in 21 more points in the second half while Calgary would must just a safety with a 1:17 left to close the game’s scoring at 45-6.

NOTES: McMaster Athletics and Recreation has secured a special Vanier Cup ticket price for McMaster supporters only. The special price for Vanier Cup tickets is $40.00 at the McMaster business office in the David Braley Athletic Centre beginning on Sunday. The office opens at noon. This special is available only in person, no phone nor internet sales.

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McMaster Defends Yates Cup Champion Title!

Big Mac Machine keeps rolling along with Yates Cup win

Source: Ian Speers for OUA– November 11, 2012 [Hamilton Scores]

The No. 1 nationally ranked Marauders captured their second consecutive Yates Cup title with a 30-13 victory over the Guelph Gryphons Saturday before an overflow crowd of 5,427 at McMaster’s Ron Joyce Stadium.

The win extends the reigning Vanier Cup champions’ winning streak to a Canadian Interuniversity Sport record of 20 consecutive conference and playoff contests, breaking the previous mark of 19 set by the Laval Rouge et Or in the 2004 and 2005 campaigns.

McMaster linebacker Shane Beaton (Brampton) took the Dalt White Trophy as most valuable player of the Yates Cup game, delivering 10 solo tackles, including three tackles for a loss, and one pass breakup. He was also named Port Airlines player of the game.

McMaster scored 21 unanswered points over the course of 10 minutes in the first and second quarters, capitalizing on a pair of Guelph miscues to score 10 of those points off turnovers. The Marauder defence repeatedly succeeded in pinning the Gryphons, rated No. 5 in the country going into the Ontario University Athletics showdown, deep in their end in the first half, forcing the Gryphons to concede three safety touches rather than punt from the shadow of their own goalposts.

“I thought our defence played tremendously well when they were backed up,” said McMaster head coach Stefan Ptaszek. “They did a great job forcing field goals and creating turnovers, so our 21-3 lead (in the second quarter) was a product of finishing on defence, but not finishing in the score zone.”

Photo: Robin Leworthy Wilson (Aerial Promotions)

This season’s league MVP and McMaster quarterback Kyle Quinlan (South Woodslee) posted a stunning 80% completion percentage, connecting on 16 of 20 passes, while amassing 265 yards and two touchdowns. Quinlan added 70 yards on 11 rushes. His favourite target, Mike DiCroce (Hamilton), accounted for 144 yards on seven receptions.

For the Gryphons, quarterback Jazz Lindsey (Markham) threw for 319 yards, completing 29 of 47 attempts and throwing three interceptions.

In their only previous meeting this year, McMaster downed Guelph 50-9 in the first week of the regular season, accounting for Guelph’s only other defeat of the 2012 campaign.

The win gives McMaster its sixth Yates Cup title in club history, all from 2000 to date.

The Gryphons opened the scoring at the 4:38 mark of the first quarter, capping their first possession of the game with a 12-yard field goal from Julian Tropea (Niagara Falls). Guelph spotted McMaster its first two points on its next possession, Tropea conceding his first of three safety touches.

McMaster’s offence found the end zone on the ensuing possession with a Quinlan-to-Robert Babic (Oakville) play for a two-yard passing major. Two plays later, Lindsey threw an interception into the waiting arms of Marauder defensive back Scott Martin (London), which McMaster soon converted into three points via a 20-yard Tyler Crapigna (Nepean) field goal.

A Guelph fumble on the next play from scrimmage promptly gave McMaster the ball on the Guelph 39 yard-line and Quinlan wasted little time in connecting with Tyler Loveday (Kitchener) on a 21-yard pass-and-run touchdown to give McMaster a 19-3 lead in the opening minute of the second quarter.

Guelph struggled on its ensuing possessions, in turn conceding a second safety touch and throwing an interception. The Gryphons offence finally gelled on a 13-play, 71-yard drive culminating in a one-yard rushing major by Lindsey. One further safety touch conceded by Guelph sent the teams to the intermission with a 23-10 McMaster lead.

McMaster added to its lead margin in the third quarter, off a two-yard rushing major by Kasean Davis-Reynolds (Mississauga). Guelph responded on the ensuing possession with a 16-yard field goal by Tropea. A scoreless fourth quarter was highlighted by a McMaster pass rush tallying three sacks in the final five minutes of play, stifling Guelph’s sputtering offence.

McMaster will host the CIS semi-final Mitchell Bowl on Saturday (Nov. 17) against the Hardy Cup champions, the Calgary Dinos, who defeated the Regina Rams. Kickoff is at 4 p.m. and the game will be televised on TSN.

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