A Day in Dundas Collection "Peakpan from Above"  Click link below to view NAPP Editor Choice Image Comments Dundas is on the map again!  Woooo Hooooo or should I say CHOO CHOO! "Train Below the Peak" was chosen by guest judge  RC Concepcion  along with Larry Becker, Executive Director of the NAPP for Editors Choice (EC). I am so proud to be a photographer and to be recognized by some of the most pronounced industry professionals is an honor! Next step Image of the Week...LoL! Click the link below to View the article and image "Train Below the Peak" NAPP Image of the Week 4.5.12 | National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)

A Day in Dundas…Well Overdue!

Back in the Autumn of 2006 I pushed myself out the door to take some scenic pictures of Dundas, Ontario.  I am very happy to say that I finally processed the images (5 yrs later!). I hope you like the photographs and have time to comment.

This particular autumn day was an adventure!

I am amazed at the wondrous beauty of the Niagara Escarpment. On this “Day in Dundas” series, I photographed The Gorge, The Peak, The Lookout, Rail Trail, Bruce Trail, Waterfalls: Pioneer Falls, Tews Falls & Webster Falls. I was shooting the town of Dundas from the peak when I heard the rustling of leaves behind me. I heard a piercing shriek when a hawk snatched a squirrel from the tree directly above my head.  I was quite startled and scared, as I scrambled to get my footing along the cliff. I am terrified of heights, but was able to quickly respond to get the photograph. I walked back down the Bruce trail to the calming flow of Webster Falls. It was like a present wrapped with rainbows. This is certainly one of my most memorable photographic moments. I felt it necessary to composite my real life heart pounding predator experience with the marvelous beauty that I observed moments later.

{Thank you to those who continue to contribute to our flourishing escarpment for generations to appreciate decades to come} Click Images Below

[cincopa AoMAl0KJNLy9] Websters-Falls

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Composites: A photo manipulations process that blend multiple images to obtain a uniform look of one complete piece. I like to take peoples special moments and passions to create an impressionable image that they can enjoy for a lifetime. Composites can be team members photographed individually to produce one poster. They may also be a relevant background to the subject or multiple images to compose a single design.

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