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NEW! "Stories of Wood and Stone: The Houses of the Jordan Historical Museum", by Helen Booth.  I am very excited to be a part of this historic book published by Stewart Publishing and Printing. I had the pleasure to go on two field trips with Greensville School Grade 3 class to The Jordan Historical Museum-Schoolhouse. 

Jordan School House

The children of Ms. Grantham’s Greensville School grade 3 class experienced a full day in the Jordan School House. The students roleplay an actual child who attended the school in 1908.  The program is called “Strict but Nice” and is true to character as the school mistress leads the class through the following: Acting 101, God Save the King, The Lord’s Prayer (optional) and roll call, hygiene inspection and posture drill, moral memory saying exercise, arithmetic drill and exercises on slats, lunchtime games (wooden toys, stilts, tug of war, tag), reading, manual dexterity craft or pen and ink lesson, spelling bee and so much more!

View Field Trip Images 2012  | View Field Trip Images 2010Video Montage


60th Anniversary Edition Book Cover by Aerial Promotions

A heartfelt Congratulations to Helen as I read her DEDICATION:" This book is dedicated to all the far-thinking people in our community and beyond, all the volunteers, professionals, politicians and community-minded people who believe in and understand the future by taking care of the past." Helen Booth, 2013


To purchase "Stories of Wood and Stone: The Houses of the Jordan Historical Museum", contact The Jordan Historical Museum, 3800 Main Street, Jordan, Ontario L0R 1S0, 905-563-2799. Books are $12 (HST included) and may be shipped with a minimal fee. Museum Website


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