Donation-Photographic & Sport Development

As a parent of two children who play sports, I am always photographing. I love to take photographs for all the athletes and families to enjoy. This time is invaluable, quick to pass and these efforts of our young athletes should not go unnoticed.

I realize at times the competition of game play may become a chain effect; however, we all come together at developmental camps, community events and down the road could be cheering our children on Team Canada-side by side at the Olympics.

My background is focused in sport as a player, referee/umpire, coach, sponsor, promoter & organizer of competitive sport at the most elite level. This has assisted me to understand the game, be ahead of the play and maneuver to get the angle.

I am an independent contractor (Private Eye Photographer-PiP) who likes to work for individuals, sport teams, corporate & professional organizations. As a business owner, I have the tools and capability to professionally enhance positive experience in sport and give back to our athletes or community through my lens & volunteer experience.

When I have an opportunity to help promote sport in a positive light, I take it. In some cases I donate my time & give a professional product for everyone to enjoy. This is a donation in kind for AP, sponsorship or mutually beneficial contra agreement.

With respect to non/not for profit organizations AP will accept donations and submit a portion of the proceeds to the hosting club as fundraising dollars for program development. This service is an honorary gesture in a sum that is comfortable & initiated by you. Payments can be processed through Paypal or by cheque. DONATE…click here

Otherwise AP’s base fees for non/not for profit organization begin at $500 & contracts are negotiated for corporate accounts. Please contact AP to brief the job description and quote.

Aerial Promotions prefers to have all players/parents sign a standard model release. Life gets busy and should AP want to use the photographs for a project that requires authentication of release of images, the general waiver will be appropriate for use at a later date.

We put a lot of time, money and energy into making these photographs available. AP allows low res downloads from the website, BUT does expect credit for their photographs © Aerial Promotions 1997-2013

Before download please review “Aerial Promotions (AP)/Robin Leworthy Wilson” Terms and Conditions (click), Photographic Licensing (click) and Model Release Form (click).

or contact Aerial Promotions (click here)