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BMO Team of the Week Commercial | Bell Media-TSN | April 8th 2013

Watching the big championship NCAA basketball game last night and LJ's commercial aired on TSN...It was our first time seeing it and WoW... Very Exciting!

BMO Team of the Week A couple of years ago the Dundas Dragons entered the contest and we almost won the $125 000 for our lil'town to rebuild our soccer facilities. We are very proud of the efforts our team, volunteers and community put into this program. [Learn More]

Login has been in movies and television series, but this is his first commercial. It was the most fun day of filming. Canadian Soccer Team players Matheson, McLeod & Wilkinson were outstanding role models for the kids. Handling with care, they even let the kids hold the Olympic medal. Login loves being a soccer goalie for the DYSC U10 rep boys and is looking forward to a great season. BMO Team of the Week is back! Good Luck to all the teams! [BMO Team of the Week-website]

2011 BMO Team of the Week 2011 BMO Team of the Week Campaign - Dundas Dragons U10 Girls Soccer Team [more...] ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Headshots that Book! Headshots

Congratulations to John and Doug  who just celebrated their one year anniversary of Talent Inc. Canada. I am proud to say that I had the opportunity to do their first group of actor headshots and they are doing very well in their careers. [Article: Talent INC Canada Celebrates First Year of Business with Movie Deals, TV Shows, Music Videos and Commercials Booked Nationwide]

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