PRESSURE (…is a good thing)

In honor of March Madness NCAA Basketball Championship Game Day (Men’s and Women's) is a grade eight short speech written about the pressure of an athlete from a 13 yr. old girls perspective.  As a parent of a child who has encountered obstacles and social interference about her basketball dreams and aspirations she stays strong and determined. The RISE (Realize Individual Success Everyday) Centre is a vision and concept many high-level sport professionals have embraced. McMaster University Athletes Edge will train our athletes at a level proven for success. The RISE will give extraordinary athletes learning opportunities through The Hill Basketball Academy to flourish and guide in their athletic endeavours. I am very proud of Aerial Wilson’s perspective of life on and off the court. I hope you too enjoy how this young lady is dealing with the “PRESSURE” to pursue her basketball dreams.

Aerial Wilson 2


by Aerial Wilson, March 01-2015

Small. Misshapen. Insignificant. A lump of coal! Ordinary, yet extraordinary, but what happens once it is under pressures of 725 000 pounds per square inch? What happens to a black piece of rock that does well under pressure? It becomes a diamond.

The most beautiful things are created from pressure, like us as individuals. Some can thrive under pressure and some of us will bow down and succumb to it. Those of us, who have the right mentality, come out of the fire as diamonds. They’re the peak performers that not only have trained and worked hard, but won't crumble when the time approaches to make their dreams come true. They can perform in high-pressure situations without surrendering to their doubt demons. They’re the one’s titled “Most Valuable Player”, the one’s who hit the game-winning buzzer beater shots, they’re the clutch players who can play and push through adversity. They’re the ones who attack life as a challenge, not a threat.

We all choke, but what separates two people with the same skill set is how they perform due to pressure. What’s your skill worth if you can never use it when it matters? You can have all the talent in the world but if you can’t use it in a game, it’s worthless. Pressure is always viewed as a negative, but that is just a mental roadblock keeping you from peaking. You can perform either 15% worse or 15% better under pressure. Those who are successful feed off the pressure to maximize their full potential, but in order to perform with more proficiency you must have a positive mindset. It is a proven fact that those who face high-pressure situations with a challenge state have blood flow more efficiently to their brain allowing them to have control over their thoughts and emotions. Where when we approach the same situations with a threat state our blood vessels constrict, causing us to cease up, hindering our ability to think and therefore perform at our best.

Nausea, sweaty palms, dry-mouth, about to throw up any second. I’m sure we’ve all felt it. Sure it’s because I’m nervous, but what’s there to be nervous about it’s just another game, I’ve played amazing on countless occasions before, I’m a good player. If I go out there and play a terrible game or lose it’ll be okay. Worst-case scenario: I’ll go home and sleep. No. I’m older now, and getting exposure, I have to play well in practice to get playing time and prove that I’m the best on the court. I can’t have a slump, because you never know who’s watching. It could be scouts, the team Ontario or Canada coach, or anyone who wanted to watch our game because they’re recorded. I want to do well so badly, I want to get noticed, want to play my best; I have to play my best. Every game is big and championships even bigger. Everyone watching. I have one opportunity to make it happen. One shot.

All of the pressure I’m feeling right now is a good thing. It’s making me work harder to get where I want to be. I am the only one putting pressure on myself because I have expectations. If I feel that something isn’t the best I can make it, then I’ll do even more to make sure that it is and I’m rarely satisfied. The added pressure can be overwhelming, but I will always resist the temptation to give up because the pressure I’ve put on myself is my motivation.

What do we think when a coach yells, “Put pressure on the ball.” Get up, get low and play defense. Don’t. Let. Them. Breathe. Chances are if you do that the other team will have a pretty hard time scoring, yet they may have one player that can play with the added pressure. If it were easy everyone would do it. That’s the difference: under pressure your true character is revealed. It defines you as a person. It will either make or break you. The ones who won’t panic, won’t fear, and won’t settle are the successful people in life. Although we see pressure as a bad thing it is actually good. It is an opportunity to rise. Not just to be seen as someone who can play, but as someone who can think. It forces us to attack life with a challenge mindset that only allows positive thoughts. No more, “Don’t miss,” only, “It’s going in.” And even if that shot somehow misses, keep your head up, hustle, and know it’s O.K to fail, but you better make sure that next time you have an opportunity that you take it. No pressure.

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Congratulations Dundas Real McCoy's on your 2014 Allan Cup Victory! The entire week was full of energy from the volunteers, organizers and teams. I had a great time shooting for Hamilton Scores "The voice of the #HamOnt amateur sport community". All my photographs from the event can be viewed at (Direct Link-2014 Allan Cup) Please enjoy my favourite picks from the tournament.

Last year I posted about the Real McCoy's because they sponsored the newly added Atom Select team. Since adopted by the DMHA they were known as the Dundas Jr. Real McCoy's. Being part of a small community it is nice to have the boys mentored by an amazing group of local hockey players. The McCoy's sponsored the boys who were in hockey limbo and gave time to run a very special practice. Read More: They Sure Are the Real McCoy  | Hockey Links

Real_McCoys_HelpOn a personal note, my little guy tried out for rep that year and didn't make it. The coach of the Atom Selects was a former Real McCoy's player giving his time to share the love of the game. A wonderful parent network and commitment to the team led to lifetime experiences for our boys. These moments add growth to our children and deepens the ambition to be better hockey players. In my sons case, he wanted to try out for the rep team again. Once again he didn't make it. In light of some events he was asked to join the team. He had a great hockey year and the team building experiences are unforgettable. Now that hockey tryouts are around the corner, he has come to play. The Allan Cup Championship game has momentum that is inspiring to a young athlete. Mentorship is not only a one time moment, it is an ongoing connection and relationship.

The feedback from the 2014 Allan Cup by community members give a sense of loyalty and pride. I am pleased to present this video from the Championship day!

It was an extremely busy week. Just coming out of the OBA's in Windsor my computer hard drive failed. Creative Technologies in Burlington has worked hard to get me up and running. I hope to have a newly revised machine by the end of the week. Now among all that my daughter caught that awful hacking cold and was off school all week, my son had multiple sports-lessons and his birthday celebrations, I was shooting tons of hockey, my colleague from the Syracuse Crunch was in town to shoot the Bulldogs and I was hosting Easter Dinner.  Needless to say I stopped to smell the roses in the beautiful flower bouquet from by sweetheart. Ahhhhhhhhh got it all done though! 

_RLW7018 Photo Above: Transway Bantam Girls Emotional Celebration Reclaiming their Provincial title at the OBA's

As I wind down from hockey season, I will be processing the last of the images and putting together a portfolio specific to hockey.  Dave Black, SI photographer said my football is strong, but where is all the hockey? If I'm from Canada I should have more hockey in my portfolio. Well ya gotta listen and do when someone like Dave gives you advice. OH and I am very wait jumpy excited to meet with Dave Sandford-NHL photographer to gain some valuable photographic advice. It's kinda funny because I first met Dave Sandford back in 1997 at an event I was running. Yesterday when I was going through some photos I found this one one of a future NHL'r from the Whitby area. Jason Ward played in the OLA Celebrity Lacrosse Challenge. Here he is with NHL greats (L-R backrow: Adam Foot, Gary Roberts, Jason Ward, Joe Nieuwendyk, Colin Patterson. L-R Front Row: Darren Pang, Doug Gilmore, Brendan Shanahan, Stan Johnathan) all played lacrosse to improve their hockey skills.

At the time I was the Marketing Director for the OLA. I was just starting out as a photographer back then on film and we hired a professional photographer for the event to take the team shots. Such a small world to come full circle, live in a small town, support our local team and find a photo with some history.  Photo: Real McCoy, Jason Ward (1997) and NHL Celebrities


The Hamilton Bulldogs (1) finished their season with a loss to the Syracuse Crunch (3) on April 20th, 2014 at FirstOntario Centre. Shout Out: Thank you Brandon Taylor, Hamilton Bulldogs photographer for sharing the glass and strobes all season. From beginning to end, it was so much fun to work with you.


Photo: Hamilton Bulldog, Mike Blunden fires one off at the Syracuse in the final game of the season. View Photos Here:

One last shout out...THANK YOU DMHA for the feedback on the 2013- 2014 Yearbook. The positive response and the enjoyment the membership has shared has been overwhelming. It is always a lot of work for all the volunteers and community to gather and submit the images and content, but they did an amazing job! Amy Yanover, DMHA Sponsorship bent over backwards to keep the deadlines and we accomplished amazing things together as a team. It is a true pleasure to design and include my own photographs for the Dundas hockey community to enjoy for a lifetime. "The yearbooks are great...very glossy, colourful and professional! Thank you!"..."Awesome yearbook cover!"..."The yearbook is awesome and a great keepsake for our family..."Best Yearbook EVER!!!"...

Looking for a team photographer/event contract position for next season please contact me


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Real McCoys Pick Up 2nd Allan Cup Win

Source: Larry Robertson (Hamilton Scores)

DUNDAS—Ryan Christie was everywhere – even trapped on his back in the Bentley Generals net – as the Dundas Real McCoys skated to a 6-2 victory in the second day of preliminary round play in the 2014 Allan Cup Hockey Tournament Tuesday night (April 15) at the JL Grightmire Arena.


The Dundas Real McCoys score, en route to a 6-2 victory over Bentley Generals on Tuesday night at the Grightmire Arena. 

Earlier in the day, Clarenville Newfoundland and Labrador Caribous defeated Kenora Thistles, 5-2.Dundas leads preliminary play with two wins.


On Wednesday (April 16) in preliminary round play, Brantford Blast takes on Clarenville at 3:30 p.m. followed by the Generals- South East Prairie Thunder contest at 7:30 p.m.

Christie with all his rambunctious play finished the night with a shorthanded goal and an assist, and six minutes in penalties.


On the scoreboard, Greg Stewart led the Dundas attack with a pair of goals including a shorthanded one, while Justin Davis had a goal and two assists. Nick Smith and Scott Mifsud added single goals. Simon Mangos set up two of the Real McCoys goals.

Kyle Bailey scored both of the Bentley goals, one on a shorthanded play.


In the earlier game, Martin Lapointe became the hero rather than the goat for Clarenville as he returned from a high sticking penalty to score the insurance goal in the Caribous’ victory over Kenora.

Lapointe was sent off at 10:35 of the third period, and Kenora turned up the heat on Clarenville, only to turn over the puck on the Clarenville blueline to Doug O’Brien. O’Brien in turn flipped the puck over a Kenora defender as Lapointe raced from the penalty box for open ice and the loose puck, which he corralled and fired past Tyler Gordon in the Kenora goal.

The counter gave the Caribous a 4-2 lead and deflated the Thistles. Luke Gallant scored into an empty net on an unassisted play to complete the Caribous scoring with 24 seconds left.

Rodi Short, Cam Fergus, and Gallant collected a goal and an assist each with Ryan Desrosiers and Lapointe adding single goals. Peter Campbell set up two of the Clarenville scoring plays.

Ryan Pearson and former Dundas Real McCoys forward TJ Sakaluk accounted for the Kenora scoring. [symple_divider style="solid" margin_top="20px" margin_bottom="20px"]


Schedule and Results

Monday, April 14 Kenora vs. Brantford 4 – 5 South East vs. Dundas 3 – 4

Tuesday, April 15 Clarenville vs. Kenora 5 – 2 Dundas vs. Bentley 6 – 2

Wednesday, April 16 Brantford vs. Clarenville 3:30pm Bentley vs. South East 7:30pm

Thursday, April 17 Quarterfinals Quarterfinals

Friday, April 18 Semifinals Semifinals

Saturday, April 19 Championship Final 3pm (TSN)

(all times are EDT)


View More Photos Here on my Google+ Page [CLICK]

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Why...Because We CARE! It is part of AP mission to give back to sport & the developing athletes as a volunteer in the local community (...more)

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