Every project that AP commits to is built from the ground up. AP does not cut corners and is very thorough. We will handle you press conference, golf tournament, annual general meeting, ribbon cutting ceremony, trade booth, premiums, incentive programs and promotional items...more (click)

Most projects require a team of goal oriented individuals. Special event management and Consultation services are available.

If you have something that you want to brief us on, give us a call to set up a meeting or email Aerial Promotions with what ever {it} is that you require to fulfill your marketing needs. Contact Aerial Promotions

The Job

• Our industrial client ADS Group -"Shockblast" 2010, An Industry Celebration Open House (click)

• Dundas Dragon U10 Girls Soccer-BMO Team of the Week Campaign (click)


Aerial Promotions (AP) has a lot of experience in developing partnerships and organizing special events. AP will develop a custom marketing plan for you to successfully achieve your goals. Some of our work is for but not limited to non/not for profit & charitable organizations. Budgets are essential and AP can help you increase those funds through proper promotion of your event and sponsorship opportunities. For our business clients we do things in a big way and really impress.

1. The Celebrity Lacrosse Challenge with Brendan Shanahan, Joe Nieuwendyk and many other awesome talents is an OLA minor lacrosse fundraiser. This event was organized by AP for three years. Our responsibilities were to consult, organize and chair the OLA committee to successfully implement the pre-game, game day activities & post game festivities....more (click)

2. Bacardi Whistler Experience 1999-2000-2001. We had an amazing team lead by a Bacardi Bandit/Bandita & Dewar’s Piper goodwill ambassador that made rounds with wait staff to communicate evening Bacardi specials and interact with patrons, award prizing, take an active role in sampling and distributing sweepstake forms. This was an exciting and fun promotion that projected the brands personality through the promotion ambiance and atmosphere...more (click)

3. Niagara Snapper Fastball Shootout Tournament. Over the years AP has given clients the tools to raise thousands of dollars by maintaining and building sponsor support through a vital end product. It provides in most cases non-profit organizations to develop through a sense of community. Individual business advertisers support their local team through many package options. The event program is an established published product that gives a tangible asset to sell into the concept of TEAM. Over three years The Niagara Snapper Fastball Team raised almost $50 000 through their Annual Snapper Shootout Tournament Program...more (click)

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