Robin Leworthy Wilson

“I have been conditioned to appreciate the adrenaline rush you get when witnessing a great play. It is my challenge to capture that experience in motionless time”,
Robin Leworthy Wilson, founder of Aerial Promotions-1997

We like fast cars…extreme action…ok lets face it testosterone at its best! Aerial Promotions (AP) specializes in sports photography, but it doesn’t stop there. AP has a unique style. Our journalistic background enables photographs to be taken with realism and very little, if any interaction with our subjects.

Over the past twenty-five years AP has traveled on location to shoot tournaments, special events and individuals. As a client you have the option to obtain a basic or commercial license for the digital images that AP provides you.

Let’s face it with today’s technology it’s a shame to not show off those photographs in a multitude of mediums. This way AP is compensated for services and you can output your photos any way you choose. Some terms and conditions apply to licensing and contracts may be negotiated.

Check out our photography portfolio:

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Game Day Action Photography:

Walk through of the facility prior to game day for photo prep. At least one hour prior to the event to be on site. Shoot time and post processing will vary as per event. Base Fee begins at $350* includes a digital copy of all your selected images 1280 px at 72dpi. Licensing and use of images are negotiated per contract. 

Private Photo Session: To include on location ambiance or action and studio portraits (~2-3hrs) The $495* includes photographic service, a digital copy of your selected images 1280 px at 72dpi for personal use only. A print package is included in this fee with customization to the clients needs. Quantity of images is determined by type of shoot and creative output. Professional lighting/equipment/processing apply to these special projects. Studio Headshots start at $295*. Additional cost will be applied for hair/makeup and venue/location fees if applicable. All clients are required to sign a formal model release. Aerial Promotions owns copyright to all images. Personalized online gallery website to send to family/friends with option to purchase image products at a preferred rate for 1 year. 

Event Day Rate: Begin at $800* Travel-Expenses-Meals-Accommodation will be at an additional cost. A formal quote is based on event specifications, time and use of photographs. All images are post processed for crop, exposure, color and effect when desired. Images are available within 48 hrs.-72 hrs. of event. Special circumstances apply for time sensitive release of images. Images are accessible at www.Present It for convenience of prints and ordering gift products.

An event contract review and licensing agreement must be agreed upon prior to use of images. Aerial Promotions owns copyright to all images. With AP written permission magazines, news and other editorial media may use images with credit adjacent to photo © Robin Leworthy Wilson, Aerial Promotions.           

* Prices are base rate estimates only and may change at any time. Print orders may be charged Customs, Duty and taxes. Fees will be applied according to product and vendor location. Time may vary upon border crossing and vendor turnaround. Travel-Expenses-Meals-Accommodation may be at an additional cost. 

Licensing: A 3rd party agent may negotiate Commercial & Commission Services. For more information visit 


  • Expectation Project Design Time is Estimate Only. Base rates begin at $95/hr. Premium >$150/hr.
  • Premium hours/rates are classified as work done on weekends, after hours, holidays or rush jobs.
  • Jobs exceeding ten (10) hours may be quoted at a flat rate providing AP terms & conditions are met.
  • Contract bids are submitted with payment terms and structured proofing procedure.

Should the project scope be expanded during fulfillment of the initial order/estimate/quote, AP may secure intermediary payments of an amount mutually agreed upon with the client. Intermediary fees are non-refundable and do not include final usage rights, which will be released upon receipt of final payment. Other media output not related to the project must be quoted separately.


Team & Individual Composites:

Every person is different and time will vary depending on how photographed. It is very important for me to tap into each athlete’s personality and individual action shot. The photo shoot will be a headshot and action shot. The design will require supplied copy/text, team roster with numbers and logo. A meeting prior to the shoot will cover all the sport/team details and the proofing procedure. The composite package includes the photography and design service, Disc to include 1280px at 72 dpi individual headshot-action photo and poster with personal use print/multimedia licensing agreement, Qty. 25 Pearl Paper/UV coat 12″x18″ Poster, Individual Athlete prints TBD, Custom Gallery to order high resolution prints or product up to 1 year and individual print package option for each athlete at a preferred rate. A custom team (10-15 players) composite begins at $995.00. Note: Sport specific venue is the responsibility of the client or may be arranged by Aerial Promotions at an additional fee. 

Event/Sport Program Design:

I contract throughout the season to photograph individuals or team events. When it is time to design the new program I take the work from the previous year and create. All the while the new program is distributing, I am listening and shooting for next year’s project. I value my clients and embrace cyclic repeat business.

To photograph an event is one talent but there is much more to the efforts of marketing those frozen images. Whether the images are used to brand a professional team or fundraise for a non-profit organization, application is everything. Now the challenge is to combine the event information, showcase talent, and please the dignitaries-advertisers-teams while making an interesting and attractive read.

Over the years I have given my clients the tools to raise thousands of dollars by maintaining and building sponsor support through a vital end product. This multi level service allows for journalistic praise through various mediums. It provides in most cases non-profit organizations to develop through a sense of community. Individual business advertisers support their local team through many package options. The event program is an established published product that gives a tangible asset to sell into the concept of TEAM. Contact for Quote 

Social Media Campaign: Aerial Promotions will post on blog initiating AP ripple effect to Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Blogger. Images to be utilized in YouTube video and may be publicized individually on various portfolio sites. Images may be shared, pinned, liked, posted through social media networks.

Prints and Products may be ordered online with two options:
1) Direct Delivery (DD) of any product offered to you priority service 1-2 wks. (Shipping/Handling avg~$20** via

2) Local Orders (LO) are placed by Aerial Promotions on Wednesdays before 9AM. Standard delivery time is 2 weeks to team head office for distribution or arranged pick up. (Shipping/Handling avg~$10** Contact for this option)
**Customs, Duty, Taxes, Handling fees may be applied according to product and vendor location.

Digital Files: Release of digitized .jpg may be purchased beginning at $20*ea. These images will be released with specific strict licensing terms to avoid reproduction, manipulation or distribution of Aerial Promotions images. AP policy is to print their own work on QUALITY products, but will make an exception for personal digital use of images. Permission to share the images on social networking websites, with family and friends is permitted as long as the images remain unaltered and textual credit is explicitly given to Aerial Promotions. Respectful promotion on social media with #aerialpromotions tag attached, Standard 4×6 personal printing is permitted. Personal multimedia use, but written permission must be obtained from Aerial Promotions prior to publishing for non-profit publication only with photo credit. Release of full resolution digitized images may be released through licensing. Pay per use fees/terms may be negotiated. Note: Should the terms not be followed, digital service will be not be available for future use.

Design Products:

Video: Photomontage of images with titles and music. Posted on SM for convenience of sharing.
Square Images for High Quality Print and Social Media-Instagram
Specialty Printing options are 12×12 Metal Prints, 12×12 Photo Books, Wooden Photo Box w/prints, 12×12”-24×24” Framed Prints, 12”x12”-24”x24” Canvas, Stand Outs and Acrylic Wall Art
Custom Template Designs for virtual ecards on Instagram, press card products or album design.
Panoramic Images for High Quality Print, Wall Art, Banners and Multimedia Promotion
Photo Collage: Various sizes, multimedia or print output options will be determined by quantity of photos used in design.

Packages Available Upon Booking