A Day in Dundas…Well Overdue!

Back in the Autumn of 2006 I pushed myself out the door to take some scenic pictures of Dundas, Ontario.  I am very happy to say that I finally processed the images (5 yrs later!). I hope you like the photographs and have time to comment.

This particular autumn day was an adventure!

I am amazed at the wondrous beauty of the Niagara Escarpment. On this “Day in Dundas” series, I photographed The Gorge, The Peak, The Lookout, Rail Trail, Bruce Trail, Waterfalls: Pioneer Falls, Tews Falls & Webster Falls. I was shooting the town of Dundas from the peak when I heard the rustling of leaves behind me. I heard a piercing shriek when a hawk snatched a squirrel from the tree directly above my head.  I was quite startled and scared, as I scrambled to get my footing along the cliff. I am terrified of heights, but was able to quickly respond to get the photograph. I walked back down the Bruce trail to the calming flow of Webster Falls. It was like a present wrapped with rainbows. This is certainly one of my most memorable photographic moments. I felt it necessary to composite my real life heart pounding predator experience with the marvelous beauty that I observed moments later.

{Thank you to those who continue to contribute to our flourishing escarpment for generations to appreciate decades to come} Click Images Below

[cincopa AoMAl0KJNLy9] Websters-Falls