DMHA Yearbook 2013-2014

Dundas Minor Hockey Yearbook

The wonderful arenas we get to visit throughout the season inspired the font cover. Symbolic of “Beaming Character”, that still is and once was. I felt a sense of belonging and history when I walked into the Orillia Community Centre Area in Coldwater, Orillia. The staff was exceptional to allow me access to photograph. The newest venues are stunning with state of the art facilities, but when that Zamboni came out it was breathtaking!

Program The positive response and the enjoyment the membership has shared has been overwhelming. It is always a lot of work for all the volunteers and community to gather and submit the images and content, but they did an amazing job! Amy Yanover, DMHA Sponsorship bent over backwards to keep the deadlines and we accomplished amazing things together as a team. It is a true pleasure to design and include my own photographs for the Dundas hockey community to enjoy for a lifetime. “The yearbooks are great…very glossy, colourful and professional! Thank you!”…”Awesome yearbook cover!”…”The yearbook is awesome and a great keepsake for our family…”Best Yearbook EVER!!!”… [cincopa AELAopbgSY_W]