Crown Media Press Release Hallmark Movie

Highlight Reel:

Remember the special events in life & cherish them forever. Here is a personal example of my son LJ, who we are very proud of his accomplishments. BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN AND ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINEE GRAHAM GREENE STAR IN “THE WILD GIRL,” A HALLMARK CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIE WHICH HAS BEGUN PRODUCTION FOR PREMIERE IN 2010

"Brian Austin Green (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “Beverly Hills 90210”) and Academy Award® nominee Graham Greene (“Dances With Wolves”) star in “The Wild Girl,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie set in the 1930s about a group of Americans who embark on a perilous expedition to exchange a young Apache girl for the son of a wealthy Mexican land owner who has been kidnapped by her tribe"...more (click)

  I am proud to say that my son played the little Mexican boy. On set, I made some new friends like Photographer-Chris Helcermanas-Benge, who I only aspire to be as great someday. The entire crew was exceptional and made LJ's first booking a memorable one. We are always trying to challenge ourselves and build our portfolio. The last day on set, I clicked some stunt shots and loved it. Thank you to the lighting pro man who helped me get some sweet candids of the crew. "Opportunities are only as great as the experience you gain from it",  RLW, 2011  
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