Soccer Flare

It was an amazing year for these u10B DYSC talented soccer players. I always get excited to see the peoples expression when they get their composites or prints.  I wanted to try a new concept with full sun and natural lens flare. The shoot was outside on the pitch starting at 5pm...probably on the hottest day of the year! The sun started out pretty strong where it was filtered with a large black muslin over the soccer net. I used Nikon remote small flash with two 7' Westcott Parabolic Umbrellas. A reflector and Westcott Ice Light was used on occasion. The boys were encouraged to do whatever they wanted.  I did my best to capture it.  Soccer-Flare_650

As the sun moved and changed intensity we also moved to one available soft light coming from above. Photoshop, Lightroom, Nik Software and the Wacom Cintiq was used for extraction and design. So much character came from the headshots. I love working with the kids. Some need a little more time to get there, but when they do....WoW! I don't like to rush it and in the end it is so much worth it. I gotta say thankyou to all the coaches, manager, parent volunteers and families for being incredible people to work with. Although photography is my job, its means so much more when the experience is wonderfully memorable! Headshots_650 Now this is funny...Cassidy Ross drew this photo of me photographing (THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU).  I must photograph like this a lot because my friend Scott Thomas just sent me a photograph doing the exact same thing. When shooting in The Valley of Fire, in Las Vegas my friend Mike Ingold sent me another similar photo. I am surrounded by talented people who inspire me to keep creating and I am forever grateful....THANK YOU!!!!!


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