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Slam Dunks to Dunkaroos

Basketball Rim

In honor of the Ganon Baker 2013 Hamilton Camp starting this week, I think it is appropriate to show off some Slam Dunks to Dunkaroos! I am a huge fan of Dr. J (Julius Winfield Erving II) and I want to be entertained! Dunking a basketball is exciting and basketball players are getting more and more creative. Many people are not blessed with the ability to jump over 6' & only dream of dunking like a pro. Visualization is half the battle, so as a photographer I can make real time images. With the aid of technology & specific equipment, I am able to shoot different angles, be creative with my athletes developing their mental image to peak performance realty!



Dunkaroos! She Calls herself AerKobe!  Yup you can figure that one out! She has a basketball in her hands everyday and dreams of dunking in the WNBA someday!

AerDunk-Aerial Wilson


Jamarring! What more needs to be said!  Yeah Jamar should trademark the name! Read More Here [Click]



McMaster University Midnight Madness | Nov.2, 2012 |  Burridge Gymnasium | Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

McMaster Dunks
Alex takes a time out for some dunks after his headshots. Hopes to play for St. Mary's, Alex puts on a show! [More]
JusFly-Guest Dunker "Jus Fly" at Midnight Madness
McMaster University | Nov.2, 2012 |  Burridge Gymnasium | Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
JDubz-Jim can still really dunk...even at age ??  Still loving the game of basketball!
DUNKAROOS!  One day after practice I wanted to test out my theory that anyone who wants to dunk can! The original Dunkaroos [Click] Evolving from this experience has come a new series I am working on called "Playing with my Shadow"  Coming Soon!
DJ-Once and a while you get an athlete who gives you everything you ask for in a shot.  DJ started out doing dunks for me and some exceptional portraits came into the mix. It's amazing how the available light in the gymnasium really make a photo pop. Then again I love to post process a composite and get artistic! [More]



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Marauder Basketball Midnight Madness

It was really fun to see the McMaster University Marauders having some playful fun at Midnight Madness. Although the slam-dunk contest is what initially drew me to the event, the festivities were entertaining. It was like a big pep rally to celebrate the McMaster Marauders athletes who all came out to support. The Mac Football team w'hooping it up, arrived early to ensure front row seats. I notice many athletes that I photograph assist with ticket sales (Men's Volleyball-Austin Campion-Smith) and other tasks. The Marching Band, Verve Dance Team, Cheerleaders and Spirit Boosters energize Burridge Gym. There are many great athletes/teams who are doing well at McMaster and I enjoyed feeling the camaraderie. I'm looking forward to photographing a promising Men's and Women's Basketball season. 

Midnight Madness judges Some of the highlights were the Slam Dunk Contest-Rohan Boney  | Taylor Black, Skills Competition-Katie Knight, 3 Point Shootout-Joe Rocca, All Star Game and the extreme talent of Jus Fly. Midnight Madness Slam Dunk Jus Fly [nggallery id=66] __________________________________________________________________________________
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