The City of Waterfalls

It's hard not to go waterfall hopping when you live in the "City of Waterfalls". My friend Scott Thomas and Merrie joined me from NY and in one day we visited over 10 waterfalls. Some were spectacular and some were not so great! Midsummer is difficult because the water is not flowing as much and the scenery is overcrowded with onlookers. For a photographer ambiance is everything and it's nice to catch a sunset or sunrise too.

Scott Tiffany

Tiffany Falls, Ancaster, ON

We started out in the morning to view Webster's Falls, Tew's Falls, Pioneer Falls, Darnley's Cascade. By mid noon we photographed the spectacular Sherman Falls and Albion Falls. The day ended at Tiffany Falls in Ancaster. There was no water running down Felker's Falls, a few of the smaller falls or the Devil's Punchbowl Falls. Regardless the Hamilton City view was nice to see from the lookout. [More about Hamilton Waterfalls]

Sherman Falls

Sherman Falls, Ancaster, ON

Because there is no control of the elements on the day of an excursion, the best thing to do is make the best of it.  NO! NO! NO! don't photograph directly into the can't do that....the photo will not turn out. At the mercy of full sun, I just did that.  I have been in awe of lens flare and sunblown images since I started looking at photographs. I believe it evokes a sense of character and emotion to the image. A new series "soccer lens flare" will be posted soon.

Albion Sun

Albion Falls, Hamilton, ON

I am local to the area and very privileged to be able to photograph the Hamilton waterfalls anytime during any season. Unfortunately many visitors make the trip only to find caution tape or security guards limiting the access to our beautiful waterfalls. A letter by Tracey Carr of Greensville was published in the Dundas Star [Read Article].  It describes the frustrating conversation I had with my fellow photographers from New York. The photos in the marketing material show waterfalls from inaccessible areas. Kinda disappointing for a photographer trying to get a similar shot! _____________________________________________________________________________________ The lookout is the only vantage point to photograph Websters Falls. A wrought iron fence and security guard deter people from accessing the trail to the bottom.

Websters Top

Websters Falls, Dundas, ON-2013

______________________________________________________________________________________ The image below from "A Day in Dundas" was taken from the bottom of Websters falls in the fall of 2006.

Websters Bottom

Websters Falls, Dundas, ON-2006

I had a great day photographing with Scott and Merrie. Websters Falls has so many beautiful features besides waterfalls. I enjoy shooting backgrounds for my composites. I am currently working on one for the Westcott Shootout this year (soooooo excited to share it). The background image below lends itself to an interesting photo on it's own too [Fisheye 10.5mm at  f10 |1/200]

Robins Background

Websters Falls Park, Dundas, ON

Scott and Merrie, Thank YOU for a wonderful waterfall day in Hamilton! My favorite moment was when I called my friend Tara for directions and I complained about the falls being dried up...She replies, "Well if you're trying to find some falls with water, have you heard of Niagara Falls?" Autumn is just around the corner and things will be flowing. Looking forward to the next shoot! [Scott Thomas Blog]

Merrie and Scott Thompson

Merrie and Scott Thomas

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